Fans Await the Release of The Suicide Squad, Anxious to See James Gunn’s Adaptation

When the film Suicide Squad came out in 2016, the film based on the DC Comics team of super villains by the same name was written and directed by David Ayer. Although he was originally intended to be on board for the sequel when the time came, he left the team in December of 2016 to pursue other endeavors. In 2018, however, James Gunn was hired as writer and director of the film, which is slated for release in August of 2021.

2016’s Suicide Squad Was a Box Office Hit

After the film’s August 1st, 2016 premier in New York City, the third installment in the DC Extended Universe went on to be the tenth highest-grossing film that year, earning over $746 million around the world. 

The plot that drew fans in takes place when an intelligence officer named Amanda Waller convinces officials in Washington DC to allow her to establish a team of criminals from the Belle Reve Special Security Barracks as Task Force X in the year after Superman died. This dangerous crew is put under the command of Colonel Rick Flag. Each team member has a bomb implanted in their neck, as they are intended to be disposable assets for the government. If they attempt to rebel, the bomb will be detonated.

The film featured Will Smith as Floyd Lawton/Deadshot and Jared Leto in the role of The Joker. Harley Quinn/Dr. Harleen Quinzel was played by Margot Robbie, and Joel Kinnaman took on the role of Colonel Rick flag. These actors were joined by a pool of talent to round out the team of metahumans and human characters that fans adored.

James Gunn Takes Goes to Task as Writer and Director of the Sequel

When David Ayer gave up the project to work on Gotham City Sirens, Warner Brothers considered several options for his replacement. They initially hired Gavin O’Connor to take Ayer’s place, but after experiencing creative differences, O’Connor also abandoned the project. Finally, in October of 2018, James Gunn took on the project and officially signed on in January of 2019. 

Gunn had already established himself as a force in the world of writing and directing superhero films with his work on Super in 2010, Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in 2017. Previous to these accomplishments, he wrote the screenplays for Scooby-Doo in 2002 and Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed in 2004 and directed Slither, a comedy-horror film and his directorial debut in 2006.

In his approach to The Suicide Squad, Gunn chose to veer away from the first film’s narrative, which took its lead from the New 52 Suicide Squad comics, and instead found inspiration from the Suicide Squad comics from the 1980s. This is sure to guarantee fresh material that will make the 2021 film a smash hit.

What to Expect from The Suicide Squad on August 6th, 2021

As fans wait in anticipation for next year’s film, there is much speculation on who will play their favorite characters, and what the plot line will entail. Although the plot remains a secret, there have been some confirmations on which actors will be reprising their roles. Unfortunately, Will Smith will not be playing Deadshot this time around, but Margot Robbie and Viola Davis will be back as Harley Quinn and Amanda Waller. The role of Captain Boomerang will also be played by its original actor, Jai Courtney. The reprisal of other roles has not yet been released.

This film will not be a direct sequel to Suicide Squad but will instead offer a new take on the original comics, written by Kim Yale and John Ostrander. James Gunn has reportedly decided to focus on characters like Peacemaker, King Shark, Polka-Dot Man, and Ratcatcher, who hadn’t been introduced in the 2016 movie. Daniela Melchior and David Dastmalchian will be playing Ratcatcher and Polka-Dot Man, and actors such as Storm Reid and John Cena will be playing roles that have not yet been announced.

It’s going to be a long year, waiting for the big release, but fans will have plenty to chat about, as they try to determine who they think will be playing their favorite parts, and what the storyline may be. One of the best ways to build interest is to keep things under wraps and allow anticipation to grow, so this film is certain to pack theatres when it comes out next year.

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