Columbus Inventor Creates a Coverall with Integrated Mask and Hands Free Gloves

COLUMBUS, OH – August 31, 2020 – In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic across the world and the lack of non-medical coveralls for the rest of us, an Ohio based inventor has answered the call with a product called NEWLVL COVERALL.

Hands free gloves, or you can call it a gloveless mode. A new patent pending innovation by Retra Products made in the USA – The NEWLVL – a full body coverall having an integrated breathing Mask, Eye shield, and Gloves. 

Worn like a rain poncho, this non-medical coverall covers the user from head to knees. It’s made from a light weight breathable fabric treated with a water repellent nanotechnology coating, a three layer breathing face mask with a transparent material at the eye area which slows air droplets from reaching the eye or the respiratory system. There is also a transparent plastic at the mid-section to allow the user to look at his phone or do other tasks. NEWLVL COVERALL features a large neckline and sleeves to facilitate easy entry and to allow the user to move hands freely inside the suit once removed from the gloves.  There are also disinfection pockets on both sides that are open to the interior and the exterior of the suit and having antimicrobial terry towel linings, in case the user wants to wipe items with disinfectants while passing them in or out of the suit.

With recent news reporting that the whole world has seen an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases, more and more people are taking measures to protect themselves with face masks, gloves and sanitisers. Although not tested in a laboratory or certified to prevent any transmission of diseases, NEWLVL COVERALL may eliminate the need to put on 4-5 gears and may also prevent the user from touching their face with bare hands or the exterior surface of the gloves. Moreover, there is less risk of touching any of the exterior surface of the coverall even when taking it off as gloves can be removed from inside simply by grabbing the lower rear part of the coverall to tip it up and over.

A washable version of the NEWLVL Coverall is ready to be manufactured as soon as the crowd funding campaign is completed successfully in raising funds on Kickstarter. You can pre-order a NEWLVL COVERALL by pledging to the campaign.  View campaign here

Omar Abass is the mastermind behind NEWLVL COVERALL. He is also the inventor of the popular RetraStrap – a device for towing luggage hands free. Asked to explain his motivation for creating the coverall, Abass explained: “After seeing in the news all those people suffering and pictures on social media of people wearing jugs or plastic bags over their head, I decided that there had to be a better way. I went to the CDC website to learn about the virus and how it transmits as well as their guidance regarding personal protective equipment and went from there to design NEWLVL COVERALL.”

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