Forex Brokers Are Revolutionizing Trading; What Are They & How Do They Work?

If you have been reading about foreign exchange then you have probably heard about forex brokers. They are an essential part of the trading process and they exist to make your life as a trader easier. Being good at forex trading requires experience and knowledge. You need to be knowledgeable about market trends, rules and regulations, and also about the tools that are at your disposal. As a beginner, your very first goal should be to familiarize yourself with forex brokers. These will be your primary interface when you are operating on the market.

Forex brokers used to be a nuisance when they first came out. This is because at first, they were unregulated. But now, forex brokers have started being regulated and monitored by the authorities. This has helped reduce the number of shady brokers and has also organize the broker market. You can now find great brokers such as FXPrimus. You can learn more about this broker by checking out this FXPrimus review.

What Are Forex Brokers?

The simplest way to describe a forex broker is that it is an intermediary. When you are operating on the forex, you need to access the interbank system. This is a network that exists between banks and is used for interbank trading. You cannot access this network on your own. This is where brokers come into play. They can connect you to multiple banks, giving you more trading options. This also allows them to get you the best rates at any given time.

How Do You Use Them?

Using a broker’s services is simple enough. You need to start off by opening an account with them. Think of this as opening an account in a new bank. You will be required to provide information about yourself in order to complete this process. Once the account has been setup, you can start trading.

A forex broker will provide you with a host of features that let you trade effectively. The exact features and functionality vary from broker to broker. Some platforms are designed with beginners kept in mind. These platforms will restrict your options in order to safeguard you. They are great for getting a hang of trading in a safe environment.

What to Expect From a Forex Broker?

Like we said above, a broker will provide you with a number of features and functionality.


Brokers have the ability to give you leverage. This holds true for every account made on a broker platform. The leverage amount varies based on rules and regulations and other factors. It can range from 10:1 to 100:1. For those of you who aren’t familiar with leverage, it basically means that for a set amount in your account, you get a certain additional amount to trade with. For example; a leverage of 10:1 means that for every $1 you have in your account, you will get $10 for trading. 

Leverage is a double-edged blade. It lets you trade with more money than you have and enjoy exponential profits. At the same time, trading with money that you don’t own can lead to major losses as well. This is why a lot of beginner friendly trading platforms restrict their users’ options. 

Balance Tracking

Forex brokers provide you with two balances. The first balance tracks the actual amount of money in your account. The second balance shows the amount of money you will have after you have closed all of your trades. This way, you can stay updated about your financial position at all times. And as long as you are well-informed, you have a better chance at making good decisions.

These are only a few features that a forex broker has to offer. Their primary goal is to provide traders with an interface that allows them to enhance their trading in every way. You get access to all kinds of information that lets you see market trends and where you stand. Certain platforms even have a choice for automation. They can make bids for you based on criteria that you set beforehand. Automation lets you go for opportunities without having to remain glued to your screen at all times. Keep in mind that automation is not perfect, there are risks involved in this as well.

Connecting with banks for selling and buying currencies around the world has become easier thanks to the existence of Forex brokers. They have some rules that need to be followed and specific processes that are important. 

Many years ago, the forex industry did not have proper regulations and despite its visible improvements, you might come across some less reputable forex brokerages as well. If you wish to verify the reputation of a broker, then you can contact, The National Futures Association. The NFA has taken upon itself to track verified brokerages and keep a record of their reputation. Thanks to this, the number of shady broker platforms out there has gone down.

Also, whenever you are looking for a broker platform to use, you should check if they have a U.S. authority regulating them. If so, you will see it on their website, as regulated brokers tend to disclose information about such matters over there.


Overall, forex brokers have made our lives as traders easier. Brokerages have become quite well regulated now so people don’t have to worry about being cheated either. And thanks to advancements, we have a number of great platforms to choose from. These platforms come with a variety of features that allow traders to perform better. You get access to useful data and features such as leveraging. Beginner broker platforms provide a safe and secure place for people to experiment with the forex and learn the ropes. And for people who are well-versed in foreign exchange, they can go over to more advanced brokerages. 

Thanks to advancements and regulation, forex brokers have become really useful tools. They allow a greater number of people to operate on the forex by lowering many barriers.

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