KOKO: Nukkad-USA Production Featuring Movie that Redefines Marriage

Clearwater, FL – KOKO, an unusual story of the young financial expert Randy and his solitary genuine friend… his canine (Koko). Anjani Pandey, the producer and Director announced his SAG AFTRA film KOKO (Is it for Love or Money or Something else?) under the Nukkad–USA Production. The movie will feature the story that forces the audience to reevaluate the matrimony bond. The first time it has featured a man and dog are going to tie the knot. The movie captures the mixed emotions while some stand with Randy with his decision, not everyone celebrating.

Dogs have been labeled as man’s Best Friend but in the movie, KOKO finds her true ‘Man’ as Randy loves her as much that he wants to marry KOKO. With a triumphant and marvelously cheerful climax, it is a romantic tale. RANDY, who lives through hard life issues, later receives a canine named Koko and with the delicate friendship of his new confided in companion, finds a renewed perspective.

As the marriage beholds strong pillars like companionship and loyalty, Randy sees them in KOKO. He feels a strong connection with KOKO and expresses his commitment through the bond of marriage. The movie shows his fight for his right that ‘we can marry who we want’ and thus the story begins.

The story is based on the thought of ‘Love is Love’, and it never discriminates between genders, demographics, and even if it is between humans and animals. When the whole nation accepts love between same-gender and validates their marriage, the KOKO movie takes the Human Canine bonding to the next level. It rides on the varied emotions redefining what relation should hold, and it’s beyond human-human or human – animal.

Anjani Pandey, a Florida based Director and Producer is coming up with this extraordinary story. He affirms that the film is all set to release and he is looking for its worldwide release on various platforms to reach wider audiences.

To know more about the movie, visit its official website, KOKO.

Media Contact
Company Name: Nukkad-USA Productions
Contact Person: Anjani K Pandey
Address:Tampa Bay area
City: Clearwater
State: FL
Country: United States
Website: http://www.kokothemovie.com