Autodial Helps People Claim Benefits Through Call and Text Automation and Innovation

Autodial Helps People Claim Benefits Through Call and Text Automation and Innovation
This tech company handles all the tedious logistics of calling your local claim specialist by automating all the calls and text messages

Autodial, an innovative tech company, has built a “call bot” to handle the tedious task of calling and connecting with your local state representative to claim unemployment benefits. The pandemic has upended everyone’s lives and changed what day-to-day looks like for most people. Several hundreds of people’s lives have been changed not only because of COVID-19 but also due to the rising unemployment rate across America. Autodial is on a mission to help as many people as possible by being a conduit to the process of claiming benefits.

Hundreds and thousands of people have called and contacted the EDD since March – ever since the pandemic shook everyone’s lives. Until now, hundreds of people call every day to connect with someone and ask about the unemployment benefits they can receive, which can ultimately help them carry on as the uncertainty of the times pass. However, it’s not as easy as it seems – most of the calls never seem to get answered, and plenty of people are left stuck in their application process.

Andre Woodley Jr., the founder of Autodial, was left in the same boat as many others. The San Francisco software developer needed help with his benefits application after the pandemic took a toll on him and his business. After multiple tries of trying to call and connect with a representative, he gave up the arduous task and decided to do something about it, taking matters into his own hands. In his mind, there had to be an easier way to get through the cumbersome call process and achieve results using technology.

Autodial is an automated computer program specifically designed to handle the task of calling, listening to the voice messages, connecting you with an agent without the hassle and wait. The bot programmatically handles the repeat process of calling, dialing, and hanging up to quickly connect the caller with an intended call representative.

To break it down further, the customer selects the call package they would like Autodial to call and sign up by providing the name and phone number. The bot will then assign the caller a phone number that will make calls on your behalf. Moreover, they can choose to connect to the EDD on their own time by texting start or pause to the designated number. Autodial calls and dials the right numbers to connect the caller directly with an agent. Upon connecting, it analyzes the call to determine if the call was a success or if it needs to hang up and dial again – the process repeats until success is achieved. Upon success, the bot notifies the caller via text and securely connects you with the agent or representative.

Autodial is solving the problem of wait times. The company built the program to ensure people can go about their lives and get things done. Autodial is deeply committed to providing a reliable and stress-free service built on integrity and follow-through. To learn more about the service, go to

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Autodial is a tech company with a service that automates calls, voice, and text messages designed to connect you with a call representative quickly.

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