Moneyvault – launching next-generation platform to succeed in next-generation banking ecosystem

Moneyvault is the UK’s e-commerce payment system and financial technology company, based in London, United Kingdom.

Moneyvault – the rising star in the digital money market that aims to revolutionise digital payments and make them social.

The team behind Moneyvault has considerable experience within the Finance, Technology, Banking, Marketing and Blockchain sectors. Together, this experienced team of industry professionals is working to ensure that Moneyvault can fulfill its promise as the next generation payment provider.

Moneyvault targets millennials and business users who can use Moneyvault to process payments, money coming in and out, and create virtual wallets for their customers. The Moneyvault for Business was built with online commerce in mind – from marketplaces, e-commerce, to crowdfunding platforms and NGOs. With Moneyvault, they don’t have to build a payments infrastructure and can focus on growing their business.

Speaking of retail payments, Moneyvault is about to launch a new QR feature which will enable its users to pay by pointing the camera on their smartphone at the product’s QR code.

Moneyvault was designed to make it simple to open an account. To open an account with Moneyvault, you must live in the UK or within the European Economic Area (EEA).

When you are ready to open a UK current account, you just download the mobile application and then follow the on-screen step-by-step instructions to open and then verify the account.

To open the account, you will need to use your smartphone’s camera to take a photo and send an image of an ID document.

This document can be an ID card or passport, and it does not matter which country issues it. The application uses advanced technology to confirm your identity, so you can get account details in minutes, including the account number.

The Moneyvault debit card is accepted in more than 200 countries around the world, as well as by most mobile app services and major online retailers.

Moneyvault will pilot in the U.K., before rolling out to cover the whole EEA and expanding globally.

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