Colorful Cultures Blooming Simultaneously, A Chinese Folk Song Gala Has Drawn the Attention Home and Abroad

From August 24 to September 5, 2020, Zuoquan County, a county of Shanxi Province, China, witnessed the big success of Zuoquan Folk Song Gala. The grand folk song cultural feast is composed of an opening ceremony, seven mass-election competitions, two promotion competitions and the final & award party.

More than ten thousand participants, including Chinese musicians and local audience, joined in the grand meeting. The main venue of the event is set up in the famous scenic area named Lianhua Rock. The stage design combines the local “mountain” & “stone” scenery and the unique Danxia landform, together with the 3D large-scale mountain lighting show to create an amazing visual and auditory experience of “songs from the mountain, singing toward the mountain”. It is reported that it’s the second year of Zuoquan Folk Song Gala.

Compared with last year, the scale of this year’s event is even larger, attracting 3266 groups of contestants from China, Ukraine, Russia, Ecuador, Japan and so on. The participation of multi-ethnic and multi-national players not only makes Zuoquan County an ocean of folk songs and a cultural magnetic field, but also promotes the great exchange and progress between folk song culture of China and that of other countries in the world. Furthermore, through the network, competitors invited folk song enthusiasts from all over the world to participate in the grand gathering by shooting short videos. Especially, with the support of “5G Live Broadcast + VR” technology, the event has spread its influence beyond China, setting off a great surge of folk songs in a larger scope.

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