Ashley Mega attributes new single to Covid-19 survivors

Ashley Mega attributes new single to Covid-19 survivors

Recently, System Ent Corp has launched Ashley Mega’s album single called “Don’t Let Go” for the ones who have suffered through this pandemic. Her music is an inspiration and a motivation to the ones fighting the coronavirus or have been affected by it. She is a self-taught musician, who stepped into recording, writing and composing music during the quarantine.

After she lost her job, like so many others during the pandemic, she didn’t give up. She explored her talent and excelled in it. Glorifying in the field of music herself, she is an inspiration to so many who are struggling. Her example can encourage amateur musicians to polish their skills and do what they love. As the saying goes “music is food for the soul”, it is the language of feeling and passion, fun and expression. Ashley’s is dedicated to creating inspiring music and heartwarming songs for the ones suffering during this time.

The time during this pandemic of COVID-19 has been inevitably difficult for many, but we are truly grateful for the ones who did not stop and kept the spirits high by providing great quality music to the industry that motivated millions.

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