The Internet’s Most Powerful Opportunity Is Here as Onpassive Unlocks The Future of AI, Automation and Scalability With A Global Coalition of Founders

8 September, 2020 – ONPASSIVE is a fast-rising tech company poised to be the next unicorn company in 2020. Dedicated to creating business solutions and environments that emphasize automation and profitability, ONPASSIVE is implementing cutting-edge AI offerings for firms with scalability in mind to empower a new generation of growth, profitability, and global corporations.

Developed by leading industry experts in Bangaluru, India, often acclaimed as the Silicon Valley of the World, ONPASSIVE will be used by firms and governments, including Fortune 500 Companies, to change the nature of work. The only total Internet solution (TIS) with a complete ecosystem of tools and applications, ONPASSIVE is the only place where there is no need for selling or recruiting. Instead, get a viable business, an efficient toolset, and so much more automated and scalable to any size.

Beta Testing is proposed to begin at the end of September 2020 and at that time founder positions will no longer be available. For a limited time, get the opportunity to build a global legacy and support the future of technology, automation, and industry with ONPASSIVE.

For the next few weeks there exists an opportunity to leave a legacy for $97.00 that persists throughout a lifetime. To date, a global coalition has emerged to bring the ONPASSIVE solution to life, representing a broad belief in a paradigm shift on a global scale. Join the 171,651 founders staking their claim and position in a global effort poised to pay tens of thousands of dollars monthly.

“You never change things by fighting against the existing reality,” remarked Fuller R. Buckminister. “To change something, one must build a new model that makes the old model obsolete. We have managed to do this with ONPASSIVE by harnessing the power of AI and other technologies.”

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