BEGGI from New Zealand Invented the World’s First “Medical Cosmetology-level” Nasal Massage Pen, Creating a Super Species of Nasal Care

With the continuous development of technology, a super species that perfectly integrates nasal ointment and nasal massager appears in the field of nasal care! Recently, BEGGI, a well-known health brand from New Zealand, has released its latest nasal caring black technology product – BEGGI nasal massage pen. It is reported that this is a new nasal caring product that integrates both nasal ointment and nasal massage.

Different from the traditional nasal ointment, this New Zealand BEGGI nasal stick introduces a new high-frequency micro-vibration black technology, which has systematically overcome the problems of dry nose, nasal congestion, chronic rhinitis and the series of nose medical cosmetology and shaping problems. It solves the nose problems systematically through the trilogy of: targeted introduction of the natural nasal ointment, high-frequency vibration to promote nasal blood circulation, and titanium massage heads to shape a beautiful nose curve.

First of all, the BEGGI nasal massage pen is a new generation of nasal ointment with faster onset and lower dosage. This nasal massage pen uses 12,000 high-frequency vibrations per minute, which is able to realize the targeted introduction of nasal ointment and quickly open the absorption channel of the nasal mucosa, allowing the repairing ingredients to quickly penetrate into the cells and repair the damaged cells of the nasal cavity.

Secondly, the BEGGI nasal massage pen is also an exclusive massage therapist whom is able to relieve the symptoms of rhinitis through massage. When using the BEGGI nasal massage pen, the acupoints on the face will feel the shock caused by the micro-current from the stick body obviously, which is able to effectively stimulate the acupoints Yingxiang, Yintang, Yongquan, Fengchi and other acupoints, open up the blocked meridians, and improve rhinitis easily. Compared to the single application of the traditional products, the nasal massage pen with acupoint massage function is undoubtedly more effective.

In addition, the BEGGI nasal massage pen is also a micro-plastic nose medical cosmetology massager that is able to solve the nasal shaping problem such as effectively lifting the curve of nose, easily solving flat nose and bulbous nose and so on. It is known that the human nose is composed of 7 pieces of soft tissue, of which the collagen component accounts for 40% of the cartilage, which is extremely plastic. By stimulating the cartilage, by elongating and raising the alar cartilage and the outer cartilage that determine the beauty of the nose bridge, it is able to make these cartilages become longer and stronger. Matching with BEGGI’s special nose exercises, you only need to use the BEGGI nasal massage pen every day to tap a little bit, press a little bit, and push a little bit, can you effectively promote the growth of nasal cartilage and enhance the curve of the nose. Moreover, the micro-vibration massage technology of the BEGGI nasal massage pen is able to significantly improve the skin problems such as enlarged pores, blackheads, and acne, etc. It also improves the nasolabial folds and expression wrinkles. Therefore, even people without rhinitis are able to use it as a nose beauty product.

Among them, BEGGI specially takes two major national treasure-level nose repair materials as its core ingredients. One is the Manuka honey originated from New Zealand, which contains a large amount of manuka factor UMF, having strong antibacterial and antioxidant capabilities. The repair carrier extracted from it is able to stimulate the repair and renewal of nasal tissue cells, and to calm the inflammatory tissue.

The second is the Eucalyptus produced in Australia. It is known as the “nasal scavenger”. The essential oil components extracted from it are widely used in the treatment of respiratory diseases, which has the extremely anti-viral and anti-infective effects. It is able to relieve the inflammation of tissue, soothe nasal mucosa, improve nasal congestion and headache symptoms. For different users, BEGGI also launches two versions, the stronger for “adult”, and the less sensitive for “child”, so as to meet the product needs of different user groups.

It is reported that in addition to the innovative breakthroughs in use effects and product efficacy, in terms of its product design, BEGGI has also subverted the image design of traditional rhinitis products again, pioneering a “pen-like” nose caring product design with a gilt massage head. While preventing the oxidation of the active ingredients, its 184 crystal diamond cut surfaces are able to fit the skin from 360 degrees, helping to maximize the use effect.

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