Creative Biogene Releases Lentivirus Production Services to Support the Treatment of an Array of Human Disorders

Creative Biogene announced the release of its custom lentivirus production service in order to support the treatment of an array of human disorders.

New York, USA – September 11, 2020 – Qvirus Platform, the branch of Creative Biogene, is a powerful platform that provides a comprehensive portfolio of services for the efficient design, development, manufacturing and analytical testing of virus vector products, recently announced the release of its custom lentivirus production service in order to support the treatment of an array of human disorders.

Lentiviral vectors are a powerful tool that can deliver target genes to almost all types of dividing and non-dividing mammalian cells in vitro and in vivo. However, the production of recombinant lentiviral vectors is laborious and challenging, especially when high titer recombinant lentiviral vectors (> 10 7 transduction units (TU)/ml) are required. Qvirus platform provides customers with flexible and high-quality lentiviral vector production services, from construct design to small vector production, concentration and titration.

Qvirus platform collects a large number of pre-made ready-to-use lentiviruses to meet general purpose. Standardized and optimized lentiviral vector production line and strict quality control systems can produce the best quality recombinant lentivirus for customers in the shortest turnaround time.

In addition, Qvirus platform’s unique lentivirus concentration reagents and purification technology have laid a solid foundation for the production of high-purity lentivirus. In addition, all lentiviruses are titrated by functional measurement rather than physical titration measurement or the number of copies of the lentiviral genome in the inventory determined by qPCR. Functional titer is the best reference for calculating how much lentiviral reserve is required in target cell transduction experiments.

Features of custom lentivirus production service offered by Creative Biogene:

• Custom construction of lentivirus expression plasmid offered with different promoters or tags
• Consistent and reliable titers delivered at or above specified titer levels
• Three different titer levels and flexible production scales
• High titer for animal injection use, up to 10^10 TU/mL
• Reduced risk of insertional mutagenesis
• Time and cost-saving

“Our lentivirus production team has built, packaged and purified thousands of lentiviruses for customers around the world, from small-scale coarse-scale to large-scale purification. We always insist on optimizing the lentivirus production system, including lentiviral plasmid construction and low endotoxin plasmid preparation, cell culture medium, lentivirus packaging and host cells for the lentivirus packaging process, small-scale and large-scale lentivirus purification processes. These will guarantee reliable results for you,” said Marcia Brady, the marketing director of Creative Biogene, she also added, “Our platform can perform one-stop solutions, and if you have specific needs, contact us to get the customized proposal.”

About Creative Biogene Qvirus Platform

Qvirus Platform, as a division of Creative Biogene, providing world-class packaging services for a variety of virus vector products. The expertise and years of experience have made Qvirus platform become a well-recognized industry leader in supporting the development of gene therapy and scientists worldwide.

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