Volvo XC40 R-Design Trim Overview

Volvo XC40 R-Design Trim Overview
The XC40 from Volvo is the newest high-performance compact SUV to hit the market. Volvo’s XC40 offers you and your family a vehicle equipped with full luxury and high quality features.

Find out how firsthand how the trim fea4tures set this vehicle apart from its competition today.

This innovative performance compact SUV features a sporty trim giving it a powerful and visually appealing look. It will catch the attention of everyone as you pass bye. It features a black trim that complements the metallic and glossy exterior color.

The new Volvo XC40 also features a textile trim in the interior. This not just for performance but also an added visual appeal. This textile trim the interior is not only  luxurious but comfortable. It also helps to maximize the wear and usefulness of the XC40.

Finally, it also comes in a trim that makes it easy to handle on any road condition. Come see the trim of the new Volvo XC40 today at Gengras Volvo of East Hartford.  If you are looking for a Volvo dealership near me, come to Gengras Volvo of East Hartford. We are Connecticut’s premier Volvo dealership. 

Moving Forward With Safety In The Volvo V90

If you are serious about your personal safety, then the Volvo V90 is the car you want.  The Volvo V90 is a vehicle that is not only super safe but it also doesn’t compromise on performance.

The Volvo V90 is equipped with numerous airbags. This is actually one of the defining features of this vehicle. It also has a lot of power to it. Its top quality is the ability to keep a driver and passengers safe and moving forward.

Something that people tend to love about this Volvo is the anti-theft security system. With this vehicle you have the ability to disable the entire engine in the event that someone has stolen your vehicle.

The Volvo V90 not only gives the driver a more safety, but it also gives them the peace of mind that their vehicle will be protected.

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Take a Test Drive in a New Volvo XC90 at Gengras Volvo of East Hartford

If performance is at the top of your must-have features list for your next automobile, then get acquainted with the Volvo XC90. This popular luxury SUV lineup sacrifices nothing when it comes to capability and endurance. Come test drive one today at Gengras Volvo of East Hartford in right off of I84.

The XC90 is available 2 different versions: the traditionally fueled model, and the hybrid version. The hybrid version will boost fuel efficiency in all driving conditions. The XC90 will deliver up to 400 horsepower that make it easy to tackle city streets, country roads, or a busy highway, when properly equipped.

You will always arrive in style when behind the wheel of a Volvo XC90. It also offers a comfortable, and well-configured interior that makes traveling a pleasure no matter the distance. The seating in the XC90 can hold  six or seven while still giving you a spacious rear cargo area. This vehicle offers plenty of room for luggage, sporting equipment, camping gear, or anything else that you need to take along.

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