J & J Services Reveals Reason for Furnace Failure

J & J Services Reveals Reason for Furnace Failure
A local HVAC company, J & J Services, is sharing the reason why Stockton area residents have furnace and heat pump failures.

Stockton, CA – September 12, 2020 – J & J Services, a heating and air conditioning company serving the Central Valley, recently revealed the major reason why heating systems in the area can fail.  The company said they want to share this information to help homeowners keep from having problems in the future.

Homeowners often wonder why the heating bills for their houses are steadily going up. These same owners have had to schedule several repair services in the past year.  

J & J Services wants homeowners to know that the most important reason for furnace failure is lack of proper maintenance. For example, homeowners often forget to change the filter in the furnace or heat pump. 

With a dirty filter, outside contaminants can enter the working parts of the furnace and can enter the ducts. Enough dirt inside the unit can cause failure. In addition to changing filters frequently, a homeowner should schedule an appointment with a Stockton HVAC company to clean the ductwork. 

Maintenance also involves things the homeowner cannot perform.  A technician is needed to lubricate the moving parts of a furnace and to perform combustion efficiency tests.

A Stockton HAVC company can perform the necessary maintenance on furnaces to keep them from failing. They can check connections and inspect the venting system.  This can keep the furnace from failing.

Not only does proper maintenance mean fewer headaches, but it also means that the furnace will last longer.  It will operate at peak efficiency and will cost less to operate.  

About J & J Services

J & J Services was founded in 2000 by Jason Kerby.  His overriding concern was to make sure that customer homes were comfortable year around. This commitment to customer service has enabled J & J Services to expand their company to include a full fleet of certified, licensed technicians to provide HVAC services to the Central Valley.

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