A New Apparel Hollywood Brand Hang N Chill Just Went Live In The Marketplace Today In The Midst Of The Pandemic.

A New Brand just got released in the marketplace earlier today showcasing a Powerful Blockbuster Brand and a Netflix Sitcom Comedy Show to be created in the Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles Area. The main theme of our brand is Brand Apparel and were starting of a cool Gear Product called ‘Super Movie Mug’ branded under hang ‘N’ chill.

We’ve just began talking and sharing the Hollywood Mega Brand on Facebook, Tiktok & Instagram with audience intentions of purchasing one for themselves, friends and families because of the Brand’s Powerful 2020 Story & the brand’s uniqueness in the marketplace.

The hang ‘N’ chill brand 1st product Super Movie Mug now comes in 4 colors: Black, Red, Green and Yellow. The design process of the super movie stirrers are very unique in the way they look with private Hollywood labelling.

This super unique brand has also intended to pitch and market a comedy sitcom show series on Netflix as they are testing the demand of the show.

This Brand was created in the middle of the pandemic to change the perception of 2020 in our very own unique way.

We are very proud to start this amazing brand for the causes that we believe in, to help and change the tonality of 2020 in our very own unique way by creating & providing Brand Apparels For Men’s, Womens, Kids, Brand Gear & fun household products and a sitcom show series.

Here are exciting ways to use our Super Movie Mug:

• Cereal & Milk For Kids
• Coffee & Cream
• Slushy Slurpee & Smoothie
• Cocktail drinks
• Gym Workout Drinks
• Soup & Noodles
• Ice Cream

Our Development & Manufacturing team of hang ‘N’ chill were brainstorming colorful and creative ideas to bring to the marketplace with the philosophy of having a blue ocean strategy & since 2020 was a year that was unexpected with a series of Worldwide Pandemics, Global Depression & Economic World Recession all at the same time, we decided to do something unbelievable by going all in, placing our savings and resources at risk in order to start a company Brand right in the middle of the chaos.

The hang ‘N’ chill brand super mugs are a great work of design and simple engineering. It’s material is made from thermoplastic polymer & stainless steel which is the safest to use, their is a rotor that spins the content around like a mixer, It requires 2AAA batteries & do not place in microwave or dishwasher. It also contains a strong durable lid and is 100% BPA Free for health & safety purposes. It is 400mL in size so plenty of stuff to put inside like popcorn while watching Netflix or a Hollywood Movie.

Benefits of what our audience gets:

• A Pitched Netflix Comedy Sitcom Show

• Brand Apparel To Represent The Pain & Struggle of 2020

• Same Day Delivery ‘US residents’

• A Sense Of Belonging In Response To World Crisis & Global Depression To Bring People Together

• Get Rid of Boredom Very Quickly

• Save Time Money & Energy

• A Brand Made For Your Own Personal Struggle

• High End Value To You & Limited Edition Brand Products

• Great Perks & Discounts

• Blockbuster Brand

• Get Featured On Our Hollywood Site

• Amazon Brand Registered

Our 1st main stream product is now available at our company website at hangnchillbrand.com

You can also grab it on Amazon.com as well.

There are so many competitors selling Products on the Amazon Marketplace which is why where different in so many ways than a ‘Product’. Hang ‘N’ Chill started a Hollywood movement right in the middle of the 2020 Pandemic, World Recession & a Global Depression to give & provide people a sense a joy, emotional security, understanding & closure by offering Brand Apparels & Household Products and a Netflix Blockbuster Comedy Sitcom show with amazing casting members listed in it that will get people so excited to tune in and subscribe to our Hollywood site to see updates on where things are heading.

Customers can pre-order soon by subscribing on the site and will officially launch on January 1st 2021. At the pre-order phase, you can get them at 60% Off at $29.95 USD. We have also partnered with the big conglomerate Amazon.com as our trusted courier for shipping and handling.

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