The Difference Between Seamless Aluminum Tube And Combined Die Extrusion Aluminum Tube

The Difference Between Seamless Aluminum Tube And Combined Die Extrusion Aluminum Tube

What is the difference between seamless aluminum tube and combined die extrusion aluminum tube?Follow the China aluminum extrusion manufacturers to understand:

Most of the aluminum tubes in the market are produced by conventional combined die welding and extrusion process, which cannot completely avoid welding line, especially after oxidation, there is easy to have dark line.In extrusion production, short round bar, high temperature and slow speed extrusion process should be adopted. In particular, “three temperatures” should be controlled well. Aluminum bar, extrusion barrel and mold should be kept clean.

Currently used aluminum tube extrusion machine including extrusion box and cylinder, heated aluminum from inlet to squeeze in, start working cylinder promote aluminum extrusion beams moving towards extrusion die, aluminum block has good plastic under high temperature, when the temperature of the aluminum block after reducing plastic also reduces, under the influence of the pressure and speed of the extrusion Liang Yiding, dummy block promoted the aluminum plastic flow out from the extrusion die, to obtain the required cross section shape and size of the aluminum tube; In the process of extrusion, in aluminum extrusion deformation zone is in a state of intense pressure, can give full play to its plasticity, large deformation, extrusion deformation can improve the organization of metal material at the same time, improve its mechanical properties, especially with the aluminum extrusion effect, its extrusion products after quench aging, longitudinal mechanical properties (extrusion direction) is much higher than other processing method for production of similar products, extrusion processing also has a lot of flexibility, only need to replace the extrusion die can be on the same machine to produce different shapes, sizes and varieties of products, and the change of the extrusion die easy and convenient operation, low time consuming, high efficiency. But for some of the double – layer seamless aluminum tube molding is still a big problem. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the situation.

Miniature aluminum extrusion tube is generally the use of perforated extrusion method, because of the seamless aluminum tube has a small specific gravity, easy to process, mechanical strength, and other characteristics, in fact, seamless aluminum tube production process requirements are more strict, more fine.

However, some problems should be paid attention to when making, so as to produce seamless aluminum tubes with good quality. Below with you to share the process of seamless aluminum control need to pay attention to the problems and some successful practical experience.

Large seamless aluminum tubes are generally formed by hot extrusion, and then processed with subsequent efficiencies. Small, seamless tubes can be hot extruded or cold stretched and then processed with a subsequent efficiency treatment.

The alumina hydrate produced in the process of seamless aluminum tube needs continuous extrusion. In order to prevent sand holes on the seamless aluminum tube, the round aluminum rod for extrusion shall not have rolling cracks; Should not be stored in a humid environment, the content of sodium hydroxide in the cleaning solution in about 30% is appropriate, to strictly control the content of aluminum ions in the cleaning solution.

Seamless aluminum tube and combined die extrusion aluminum tube what is the difference between the introduction, I hope you will like ~ looking for China aluminum extrusion, come to China technology

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