EdTech Company Yellow Tail Offers Training for Linux Systems Administrators and AWS Cloud DevOps Engineers

EdTech Company Yellow Tail Offers Training for Linux Systems Administrators and AWS Cloud DevOps Engineers
Yellow Tail lets people start a new tech career after 6 months of hands-on training

One of the biggest misconceptions of people about information technology or IT is that the more one knows, the better it is. This isn’t the case, according to Jubee Leroy Vilceus, managing partner of EdTech Yellow Tail. When it comes to choosing a successful career in IT, an IT professional should choose to become a subject matter expert instead of being a jack of all trades. To help people interested to find their career path in IT, particularly in the field of Linux Systems Administration and AWS Cloud DevOps Engineering, Yellow Tail offers hands-on, remote training programs for 6 months through its online platform.

“I have a lot of people come to me and tell me, ‘I know you focus on Linux Systems Administration and Systems Engineering but are we going to learn a little about Cybersecurity and Database Administration (DBA)?’ You choose a track, like Linux Systems Administration or Linux Systems Engineering, or ASW Cloud DevOps Engineering and you get multiple certifications in that track but knowing a little bit about database administration, a little bit about cybersecurity, a little bit about coding, won’t give you the type of a career you’re looking for,” Jubee said.

“Choose depth, not width. Pick your track and go all in, that’s the only way to have a solid career in IT. This is easier said than done. With so many new and exciting technologies coming to the market, we can easily get distracted,” he added.

According to the data on Yellow Tail’s website, a Linux Systems Administrator’s median salary in a year is at around $119,373 if he or she works in the Washington, DC area. Around 1,018,000 job openings are currently available for this position all over to United States and by 2024, the demand for this particular career sector will grow by 17%.

Yellow Tail’s program will give trainees the exposure they need as Linux Systems Administrators or AWS Cloud DevOps engineers for big corporations and government agencies. Its programs are directed towards those just starting their career in IT as well as professionals with experience on other operating systems that they want to add to their portfolio.

Yellow Tail exposes its trainees to all possible scenarios they will encounter in the real working environment of their chosen program. The trainers will create a solid foundation on how the Linux operating system is built and how it works. Trainees are taught to understand how to formulate commands and learn the foundational commands that they’ll be using daily by the time they’re working. During the following 14-16 weeks, they will learn about security, networking, processes, storage, user administration, and more.

Yellow Tail delivers tailored and personalized Virtual Live Training, highly in-demand certifications, internship programs, and a community of Top Notch Industry Certified Instructors and students rooting for each other.

For more information on Yellow Tail, visit http://www.yellowtail.tech.

About Yellow Tail

Yellow Tail provides remote hands-on training to people who would like to start a new tech career or expand their knowledge as Linux Systems Administrators or AWS Cloud DevOps engineers. The company believes that to have a solid career in IT, choosing depth over width or focusing on only one track provides a high-flying career despite the many new and exciting technologies coming to the market that get many IT professionals easily distracted.

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