A New York Couple offers Luxurious Lifestyle Strategy tips through their Camera Lens

A New York Couple offers Luxurious Lifestyle Strategy tips through their Camera Lens

13 years ago Andrew and Stephanie were just your average young couple struggling to make ends meet in the city. They shared an apartment with 6 other roommates where things were a bit too crowded for their liking. It was hard to start a life together as a couple when they could never get a moment alone together. Constantly dreaming of a more glamorous lifestyle, Andrew and Stephanie used this motivation to work their butts off and get themselves in a new situation. After putting in the hard work things started to turn around for this couple. They were able to get a space of their own and started decorating their dream home. One thing that Andrew and Stephanie have in common is that they work smart to achieve the things that they want. They use this same way of thinking when it comes to making purchases. Wanting to travel the world but not yet having the money to do so, they came up with a strategic plan to afford it. Using their credit card points wisely, they’ve been able to travel to 119 different locations. 

Part of the couple’s luxurious lifestyle can be thanked to the hard work that Andrew put into his photography business JoinCapture.com. It is a Brooklyn based photography company that specializes in capturing anything life calls for. They have become popular among tourists who want to capture moments from their vacation in one of the best cities in the world. When Stephanie isn’t busy with her Enterprise Sales job at Slack she is always giving Andrew a helping hand with Join Capture. He wouldn’t be able to do it without her. This couple has a lot of experience behind the lens, which is part of the reason they have become one of Instagram’s hottest new influencers. Their photos turn out perfect every time. Followers of the Wises are always turning to them to see the latest new trends for living the luxe life. They know how to work the camera to show any product at its best angle. 

If you’re after some inspiration on how to make your own lifestyle more glamorous, then you should be taking a look at Andrew and Stephanie’s Instagram journey. Life, Tailored is all about living your best life.

Follow them at https://www.instagram.com/lifetailored/

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