Singer Nile Rivers Releases New Single On Spotify, Available To Stream Now

Hip-Hop and alternative singer Nile Rivers has released his brand new single in collaboration with another artist Aceo Brody. It is called “All My Woes”. It is one of the most highly anticipated releases for the artist this year and has been in works at the studio for some time now. 

We talked to Nile Rivers about his newest release, his plans in 2020, and what we can expect from him in the future.

About Nile Rivers:

Born Nael Khoury, Nile Rivers is hip-hop and alternative singer and songwriter. He comes from Southern California. He is a first-generation Arab-American living in the US. His stage persona is called Nile Rivers and he releases new music every month. 

We asked Nile about where his inspiration as an artist and songwriter comes from. He answered that most of his works are driven by a deep desire to express himself. He speaks through his songs about his personal struggle and the experiences he has had in life to date. He also uses this instrument to make social commentary of all the issues happening across the world and human rights.

Nile officially started his journey in April of 2019 but he has always enjoyed and cherished an affinity for music and written songs and poetry from a really young age. Throughout the years, he has performed alone and with bands several times for about 20 years, giving him a very good idea about the art of performing and making music. He still plays at local bars and venues whenever he gets presented with an opportunity to do so. He loves keeping in touch with his fans and the general audience as a way to stay grounded to the real world and real experiences. He thinks that as people taste a little success, with time it dulls one’s sense of core truth and daily struggle.

Nile alreadys boasts of about 14 studio releases as an independent artist. Most of them have a deep message behind them. Some of his best performing songs with over 10,000-20,000 streams are The Movement, This Is Urgent, and What Are We Doing?

As a relatively underground artist, his performances are restricted mainly to the Pomona area of California, although it is his dream to travel the world and perform in venues for different audiences all around the globe one day. With a very unique blend of music that screams his name, we expect to see the name Nile Rivers pop up more as time moves forward. 

Where Can I Find Nile Rivers?

The audience can stream all of Nile’s music on music streaming platforms like Spotify, where they can also listen to his song “All My Woes”. 

Nile is also prominent on social media, especially on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. You can find him on Instagram at @NileRivers_official, and you can search him on Facebook by typing his stage name Nile Rivers. Follow him on his social media handles to keep up with his life, learn more about him as a person and a musician, and get a peek of what happens behind the scenes in the independent music industry.

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