INRUCA Launches a Collection of Revolutionary Travel Backpacks That Boasts a One-of-a-Kind Security System

The INRUCA Everyday Backpack Has Kickass Features and a Built-In Biometric Security System for Enhanced Protection When Travelling

Almost every traveler has faced the risk of having their bags lost, opened, items missing, or more. Some even have horror stories to share where the locks they used were found to be very easy to open or break. Additionally, different travel scenarios can mean that even the most secure bag is lacking in some manner.

The INRUCA Genius and Luxury backpacks are designed to be the exception to this factor. It is a uniquely innovative backpack that has UV sanitization, a biometric fingerprint security system, and real-time tracking for asset protection and theft. It also features a convertible design, which is made to meet your needs.

First, the design of the backpack is convertible, meaning it can be worn on the shoulders or carried like a briefcase. Moreover, it has weather-proof metal zippers that are 30% more water-resistant than traditional zippers. For space and packing, it has a full perimeter zipper that offers maximum visibility and accessibility. The bag is lined with high-quality material and features wear-and-tear resistible straps.

Among the product’s unique features are the built-in power bank with dual and external recharging ports that are USB compatible. It also has integrated automatic lights that are motion-activated, which turn on for 10 seconds to help you find your belongings in the dark. Lastly, it has a built-in, impact-resistant sunglasses case and even has a provision for a bullet-resistant armor insert in the bag. 

When it comes to security, the INRUCA Genius backpack stands out from the rest with real-time monitoring and gives you updates on your phone. Whether you want to find your backpack or track its location, you can find it with the help of the INRUCA mobile app. Biometric verification is also supported as an added security measure and can store up to 2 fingerprints with ease.

Currently, the INRUCA backpacks are available in two variants, namely Genius and Legendary. The Legendary backpack has almost all the features that the Genius one does but does not offer real-time tracking and anti-theft notifications. It also lacks the integrated automatic lights that the Genius version has. Both are available in four different colors: charcoal black, tawny brown, space blue, and shark gray.

For those interested, the INRUCA backpacks are available for purchase through Kickstarter and come with a 2-year INRUCA warranty. The campaign allows buyers the chance to get discounts through their Super Early Bird and Early Bird packages. Backers can save up to 25% by shopping through Kickstarter. Additionally, 1% of every purchase will be donated to the Ottawa Food Bank. 

Once the backing is complete, shipping and delivery will follow the timeline as shared by INRUCA on Kickstarter.

To learn more, or support the campaign, please visit their Kickstarter here:

About the Company – INRUCA

INRUCA comprises a team of dynamic individuals who not only share a passion for travel, technology, design, and innovation but also have experienced the hassle of losing their backpacks while traveling or commuting to work. Through their product, they aim to revolutionize how people—especially travelers—can now pack securely and confidently.

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