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Online material and consultations help clients get the most from estate planning

According to statistics, more than half of people in the United States die without a will or estate plan. This tends to leave their families reeling in a wake of turmoil as they work to decide how to handle finances and property. For many, estate planning is simply ignored because of how difficult the process can be. Once In Trust, LLC, hopes to change this statistic with their trust, estate, and contract law consulting.

When people are wondering how they can protect their property and assets as part of their estate planning, they can turn to the professionals at Once In Trust, LLC. Through the company’s website, anyone interested in estate planning can get started by watching a brief video explaining how assets can be managed in a trust. Then, from that point, prospective clients can book a free consultation to discuss their unique situations with a member of the Once In Trust, LLC, team.

“I was able to get my trust documents in order very quickly with the help of Noble Kadeem,” said one recent client. “Not only did I receive them quickly, he provided the support needed in understanding what I now have in my possession.”

Other videos on the company’s website, such as one titled “8 Benefits of Operating a Business Trust”, answer commonly asked questions posed by those who are interested in setting up a trust.

Anyone can take advantage of consulting from Once In Trust, LLC, which includes 30 minute consulting via Zoom that offers clarity into situations. This consultation option can also be used to review trusts.

Additionally, a similar 60 minute consulting option can be utilized for more in-depth advising sessions.

Not only can Once In Trust, LLC, provide consulting for trust questions, but they can also help clients set up EIN numbers. These numbers are used as tax exempt codes for major purchases and can be used to setup offshore accounts.

“Kadeem is on point with his consulting work. I was able to get my entity up and running in no time. Now I’m transferring my assets, which I feel really great about,” said a recent Once In Trust, LLC, client.

The team at Once In Trust, LLC, is honored to help people with their estate planning. With deep knowledge in estate law, trusts, and contract law, Once In Trust, LLC, is proud to offer a wealth of expertise in this area. More information about the company, including how to secure a free consultation, can be found at https://onceintrust.com/.

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Once In Trust, LLC, helps clients navigate trust, estate, and contract law.

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