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The results of one of the recent surveys on Social Trading are as follows:

  • One out of three respondents says that a traditional stock market approach is over complex, and this can be simplified by a special software which allows us to automatically follow other traders.
  • One out of four investors said they were considering using Social trading to support their traditional methods of investing
  • Social trading platforms are expected to grow to $40bn in 2020 (annual growth of 96%) and $70bn in 2025 (annual growth of 48%)

Social trading is a method of dealing that allows traders or investors to copy and execute the strategies of their peers or more experienced traders. Even though most traders perform their own fundamental and technical analysis, there is a group of traders who prefer to observe and replicate the analysis of others. 

People who are providing financial services need many different types of software to support their own business. To provide trading signals, one has to host the customers on Telegram (which is not designed for trading clients because it has no assistance package or supportive functions) and has to manage payments through a third party, most commonly via paid telegram bot. Then signal providers need to type in their signal manually. Obviously it takes time to complete but that is not the only inconvenience. Manual typing carries the risk that the price may move more far away, or due to some errors or typos that may occur in the text it can cause confusion among the followers and even make them take the wrong trades.   

In order to solve the above-mentioned problems with manual typing one has to code a private EA to connect Metatrader terminal with the Telegram channel. Then whenever one makes a trade, the telegram channel receives the signals from the trades without having to “type” again. As you can see even a simple service such as signal providing requires a lot of technical support, but most people cannot account for it to do so. Therefore, most current signal providers chose the worst way by using manual inputting.

More complicated products, including money management and copy trading, oblige you to host your own trading account on cloud and provide gateway for customer’s trading account to connect. You have to go through a very complicated process to make things right. In general, it’s too  complicated for common regular folks. So, they have to use three or four different tools to do one thing. Naturally, As you might expect,  they are costly and not efficient especially when you have a lot of customers. TikTik is like all-in-one solution for those people.

TikTik is not just another social trading platform – We are a platform built by trading experts whose mission was to enable fresh traders to gain insight into methods used by experienced traders across the globe. TikTik is a visionary framework for traders, Signal providers and Money managers which with the help of advanced technology embedded in it helps starting and managing financial services. It also helps you with other services such as marketing campaigns, payment gateways, multi-channel notifications and AIO customer management. You can find unlimited chances to start your own advisory business and can do marketing by your own. Our platform will let you approach your clients not only in professional fashion but also in a fresh way which will bring mutual benefits.

Some key features of TikTik are:

  • Web based interface: Traders can manage their accounts from their own trading desk or on the go with ease.
  • Unlimited Scaling: Your business can manage as many trading terminals as you want.
  • No Hosting: Your accounts are always securely hosted on the cloud round the clock.
  • Low cost: We provide a solution for you to build your own advisory business at a very low cost.
  • Easy Integration: TikTik Framework is simple to integrate with your own website, and therefore will help you to achieve the best results.
  • 360-degree view: We provide powerful dashboards to keep track of all activities of your business.

TikTik is also designed for managing customer payment, customer engagement and customer profiles. One can just create their own advisory service and use TikTik Framework to import customers from his current tool (such as Telegram channel). He will see that Tik Tik is a really powerful tool which help to achieve great performance in managing all the customers aspects. Also, he can view and edits his customer profile, setup and manage payment gateways, enable customers to engage with one’s services.

It can also help you out with copy trade solutions, signal providing and money management as these functions are designed and applied from a real financial service provider, and they have all amazing insights that you need for your clients. You can provide advisory service with zero effort, manage client’s money without manual works and let your account be copied for a fee.

These days, everyone wants to start their own business or upgrade their current existing brands by incorporating the latest cutting edge technology without running the risk of doing everything from the scratch. Tik Tik can add your own brands using your logo, restrict which specific brokerage brand can make available information which later can be supported for a copy trading function. It even allows you to advertise the affiliate brokers whose services you make use of by adding link to his website.

Dat Tong – The CEO and Founder of TikTik Trading who is a #1 Signal Provider said “When we look at the outreach of TikTik , it already has more than 3369 Free Signals available that are spread across more than 135 nations. It also has a very huge group of followers with 40,000+ active users which is identical to telegram, tradingview, social network community and wide range of signal provider’ fellows in functioning, providing support as well. This community provides a rookie trader with the resources required to earn some money in the initial stages, which is rarely possible in any other business format.

“While we already have more than 40,000 followers across 135 countries in the world, our goal is to achieve 100,000 active users in the next 6 months.”

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