Disaster Recovery Services Protect a Company’s Data

Disaster Recovery Services Protect a Company's Data

Many businesses purchase and install multiple servers in their facilities to use as an internal backup system for important documents and programs. These backup systems serve as a great way to preserve crucial documents in case the computer that created them goes down or is damaged, but what happens if something unexpected causes those servers to malfunction or be without power for an extended period?

In these situations, hosting companies like Venyu are prepared to provide offsite data backup for any client who wants to ensure that their important files are always accessible. Supplying 24/7 secure connectivity and guaranteed IT support, this company has kept vital information safe for over 13 years.

Providing Customers with Secure Data Storage

Offsite data centers are becoming increasingly popular due to their cloud storage capabilities and freedom for clients when it comes to expert IT monitoring support. Venyu is a hosting company that has been in business for over 20 years with three locations in Louisiana that serve any client in need of a colocation center, cloud storage, or experienced disaster recovery services.

The facilities have multiple security measures in place to prevent cyber sabotage or attacks and were built to withstand all types of natural catastrophes, providing customers with a worry-free way to keep their vital data safe and secure.

Well-Protected Data Strongholds

If disaster strikes and a business has to change locations or have employees work from home, having all critical files accessible at an offsite location will minimize the disruption to productivity. These data facilities are built strong enough to withstand both natural and man-made disasters as well as ensure protection from cyber attacks. Websites like https://www.venyu.com/ detail the advanced security protocols, system monitoring by experienced IT engineers, and multiple power sources that these facilities use to keep things running on a 24-hour basis.

Eliminate the Excess Costs of a Server Room

Another advantage of storing files with an external provider revolves around energy savings. An internal server room requires special wiring, circuit breakers, and power surge protection as well as a controlled climate to ensure the equipment doesn’t overheat or suffer the devastating effects of a lightning strike.

Using an external storage provider eliminates the need for special HVAC connections and drastically lowers the amount of power used by a facility. In most cases, the annual cost of partnering with these providers is more affordable than the money spent on additional, specialized utilities.

Never See “Access Denied” Again

One important factor that many businesses deal with when they consistently copy data to servers and cloud storage is the need to have an employee monitor them. If a server isn’t checked periodically, storage space could quickly run out, too much traffic might cause overloads, necessary software updates will not be run, guest and user permissions could fail, or security patches may be hacked unknowingly.

Fortunately, companies like Venyu provide 24/7 system management and monitoring services to all of their clients. Instant communication with an experienced representative allows clients to discuss how these specific services keep software updated, files secure, and servers free of congestion.

Check out https://www.venyu.com/contact/ for more information.

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