Digital Marketing AF Offers Consultancy Services to Help Agencies Close Sales with Confidence

Digital Marketing AF Offers Consultancy Services to Help Agencies Close Sales with Confidence
This company’s founders help agency owners to scale out their business to 7 figures

Today, more businesses hire the help of marketing agencies to sell successfully on various digital platforms. However, most agency owners start learning the latest strategies from advanced books and courses instead of understanding first the foundation of sales and marketing. This makes them appear less confident, causing them to lose their clients’ trust. In a mission to help aspiring agency owners, marketing experts Joshua Centers, and Jeff Lopez created Digital Marketing AF to provide agency owners the actionable steps, coaching, and consulting built on the same foundation that helped the company grow to 7 figures in 6 months.

“When I was first getting clients, it felt like I had to fight objections in near hand-to-hand combat with the prospect,” Centers said. Centers and Lopez also own two other 7-figure marketing agencies: PlusPlus Marketing and Clicks on Command.

“Clients would eventually tap out, and I became disheartened. It wasn’t that I couldn’t sell; it was that I doubted whether I could pull it off. I was not confident, and it was affecting my sales,” Centers added.

Centers also advises his client to practice the DIP method, to help grow their agency to 7 figures. He coaches his clients to Discover by asking their marketing efforts, Identify by pinning their problems, and Position by providing a solution to their problems. Centers discussed this further in his feature in

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Digital Marketing AF provides tools and solutions to help businesses achieve their sales goals. The company provides its customers with a step-by-step checklist that ensures they are following the correct steps to a successful campaign launch and never missing a critical step that could cost them or their client thousands of dollars.

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