Corey Albert is Forbes’ing the Business World with Launch of ‘Entrepreneur Success Academy’

Miami, FL, USA – September 17, 2020 – Small Business Expert, Albert Corey, used the pandemic to uplevel his education and launch a new podcast, ‘Entrepreneur Success Academy’. Corey has over 35 years of proven success, building a million-dollar brand, and used this economic shift to uplevel his education even more. Corey recently graduated from both the Forbes Riley Workshop and the Media Mastery program with new skills to add to his professional toolbox.

The 90-day Marketing and Media Masterclass is for those ready to make a bigger impact in the world. Corey wanted to share his story on a deeper level with an audience of tens, hundreds, even thousands and millions which is why he started studying his way through the masterclass.

The Forbes Riley Workshop helps entrepreneurs to create long-lasting change, break through old and limiting beliefs, build their brand, think like a millionaire, network like a boss, build confidence and grow self-esteem and determine and design their destinies.

Corey, author of The Art of Perception, has been getting steadily booked on several webinars since making the decision to level up his skill sets such as Comeback Champion, Connect Summit, Global Elevation Summit, and started his own podcast, ‘Entrepreneur Success Academy’, in addition.

Corey’s entrepreneurial journey started with cleaning toilets to building a business worth over seven figures. To hit this level of success, Corey has trained under some of the most influential mentors and coaches in the world, and he has applied what he’s learned, creating his success and, ultimately, his clients as well.

“Small businesses have to help themselves,” explains Corey. “No matter what, you have to push forward, without waiting for a government hand out. As you push forward, cool things start to happen.” He explains that listeners of ‘Entrepreneur Success Academy’ will be taking the next step forward for themselves. Topics will center around easy ways to grow a business (even during COVID-19), how to build a business in five minutes or less, and why using an LLC could cost business owners time and money.

‘Entrepreneur Success Academy’ is currently seeking guests to appear in future episodes. Interested parties can apply to be interviewed at or can text the word TAXMAN to 26-786.

To learn more about Corey and Associates Inc., visit them online at They also offer free consultations which can be reserved by calling 305-823-9228.

About Albert Corey

Corey has worked with small businesses all his life. Corey himself has been a small business owner since 1985, helping him to develop a deeper connection and understanding of the clientele he serves. Corey is the author of the bestselling book, The Art of Perception and the owner of Corey and Associates Inc. and says that the company has been preparing personal, business and corporate returns since 1985 by asking better questions to get the best results in one’s accounting and tax returns.

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