How about the fabrication process of laminated SMT inductors

How about the fabrication process of laminated SMT inductors? Here’s a look at GETWELL inductors:

How about the manufacturing process of the shape structure of laminated SMT inductors?

Laminated ferrite inductors are inductors with a multi-layer structure similar in shape to ceramic SMT capacitors.The size of this SMT inductor can be small. The small package can be 1.0*0.5*0.5mm(l/W, L/H), and the large size laminated inductance can be 330uH, with ferrite material as the base material.

Laminated SMT inductor: it is the combination of multi-layer printing technology of cash and fine ferrite manufacturing technology. SMT power inductor manufacturer has its fine design, good performance and modern surface SMT technology. It is a new type of chip inductor, which is applied in various communication equipment, office automation equipment and other fields.

What is the inductance range of the Permian and laminated SMT inductors?

The inductance range of SMT inductance: 1NH-330UH, the precision can be divided into ±5%, ±10%, ±20%± 0.3Nh, ± 0.5Nh, etc.

How about the performance structure of laminated SMT inductors?

With the rapid development of practical technology, there are many kinds of SMT inductors in the electronic industry, among which laminated SMT inductors are one.It has good magnetic shielding property, high sintering density and good mechanical strength. The disadvantage is low qualification rate, high cost, low inductance, low Q value.

Compared with common mode wound inductors, laminated CHIP inductors have many advantages: closed magnetic circuit, small size and miniaturization of the circuit, which will not interfere with the surrounding components and at the same time will not be disturbed by the adjacent components, because of the high-density installation of the electronic components; Integrated structure, high reliability; Good heat resistance and weldability; Regular shape, suitable for automatic surface installation production.

CKFI inductance, high density design, single chip structure, small size, good weldability, magnetic screen, high reliability; MLG type has low sensitivity and adopts high frequency ceramics, which is suitable for high frequency circuit.MLK type operating frequency 12GHz, high Q, large current SMT inductance low inductance value (1n~22nH).

Laminated chip inductor shape structure is still very good, at the same time its process production process is also very rigorous, chip large current inductor which is good so how we want to distinguish good and bad!

The above is about the laminated CHIP inductor shape structure production process, I hope you will like!We specialize in: fixed inductor,smd inductor, common mode choke; Welcome to consult ~

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