10 Ways To Overcome Guilt By Practicing Self-Permission

10 Ways To Overcome Guilt By Practicing Self-Permission

Our current life is the accumulation of habits and learned patterns that at the moment were for our benefit. But like everything, time and situations have evolved. And most likely the habits, relationships, and patterns we learned back then no longer serve who we want to be. On this week’s episode, hostess Dawn Burnett (HTTP://dawnburnett.com) and guest, Patty Aubery (HTTP://pattyaubrey.com), get real about how to discover and divorce the habits of life that are no longer serving you.

Let’s be honest. Divorce is a word that strikes fear and sadness into the hearts of most. Yet divorce doesn’t have to be dirty. And the truth is that our fear of the world, social expectations, and perceptions that stop us from divorcing the things, people, and aspects of our lives that are no longer serving us. 

Holistic divorce coach, Dawn Burnett, along with her celebrity guests, each week, they cover a new area of life, relationships, mindset, and experiences that most of us need to do a little divorcing in. From divorcing your people-pleasing ways to discovering the habits that no longer serve you, Dawn shows you just how to take the dirty out of divorce and begin to live the life you truly want 

“Our current society is obsessed with guilt. From feeling guilt about being five minutes late to a meeting to the guilt of gaining a few pounds – guilt comes in all shapes and sizes. It is guilt that stops us from truly living and loving our lives, but it doesn’t have to be,” says host Dawn Burnett.

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