Family Owned Online Business, Houseplanted Delivers Popular Indoor Plants Nationwide

Family Owned Online Business, Houseplanted Delivers Popular Indoor Plants Nationwide
Houseplanted makes it easy to order popular indoor plants like monstera and pothos as well succulents and air plants online.

When newlyweds Noah and Kayla Olson received their coronavirus stimulus check in April, starting a business was the last thing they expected to do with the extra money. Having just moved into a new apartment, the Olson’s set out to buy some indoor plants to decorate their new home, the only problem was their local nurseries and big box stores were completely picked through or sold out. So, the Olson’s directed their search online where they were met with “a lackluster selection of options riddled with astronomical prices and bad reviews”.

Disappointed but motivated to find a solution to their house plant problem, Noah and Kayla decided to put their recently earned marketing and liberal arts degrees to use and with part of their stimulus check, Houseplanted was born.

Today, offers a large selection of high quality indoor plants including popular conventional plants like the Monstera and Pothos as well as succulents and air plants. Houseplanted has collections curated by Kayla including popular plants, plants for low light, safe for pets, and easy to care for.

When you place an order with Houseplanted your plants are thoughtfully packaged at their greenhouse outside of San Diego and shipped quickly right to your doorstep. The plants arrive unscathed and ready to place in your home. Houseplanted ships to every state in the US except Alaska and Hawaii.

When asked what separates Houseplanted from the competition, the Olson’s explained “we care about quality, we care about sustainability and at the end of the day, we care about being profitable, but above all we care about our customer’s experiences. When someone orders a plant from that is personal to us and we’re going to do everything we can to make sure they’re really happy with their order”.

Every Houseplanted order is backed by their Happy Houseplant Guarantee. If you’re not happy, they’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy. Whether it’s sending you a partial or full replacement, refunding you, or something else, they’ll make sure you love your plants.

Noah and Kayla continue to run the daily operations at Houseplanted, fulfilling orders, responding to customer DM’s, texts, and emails, and working to grow their social media presence. Follow Houseplanted on Instagram and like them on Facebook using the same username.

The Olson’s goal for their young brand is simple “…provide the best indoor plants available, at the most affordable prices possible and treat our customers the way that we would want to be treated”.

Houseplanted, houseplants for everyone.

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