Yokkao Founder Philip Villa Taking Muay Thai Boxing To A New Era

Yokkao Founder Philip Villa Taking Muay Thai Boxing To A New Era

Philip Villa: Founder of Yokkao

Yokkao is Thai for “white jade”, a stone that represents your strength and connections with others. This stone has been known to help your mind to remain calm while facing challenges.That is one of the reasons why Philip Villa used the inspiration of the white jade stone as the meaning behind Yokkao. 

Philip Villa has always been interested in martial arts. His mother always sensed that he was the type of kid to get into mischief, so she encouraged him to channel that energy into combative sports. It was one of the best things she could have suggested for him, because he was able to turn this passion into a full time business. 

After few years of practicing Muay Thai in his home country of Italy, Philip boarded a plane in 2007 to train in Thailand. He was so focused on his training that he showed up every single day, no matter how sore or tired he was from the day before. 

Yokkao: Muay Thai Gear

As Philip became more advanced in his training, he also started to learn about the Muay Thai industry. Even though there was a wide variety of Muay Thai brands available, he saw a huge market gap with a large potential for the growth of Muay Thai. Philip began thinking about the idea of creating his own line of Muay Thai gear and eventually in 2010 Yokkao was founded. It didn’t take long for the brand to host a series of high-profile events and partnered with some of the big names.

When Yokkao was first introduced, they focused on selling shorts specifically for Muay Thai training. Over the past decade they have expanded as a brand and Yokkao now offers other Muay Thai gear and training equipment. There is no other brand that can match the high quality gear from Yokkao.

Over the past three years, Phillip has been able to expand the business in Europe and the US which helped increase sales by over 300%. Yokkao’s Thailand location has expanded to 30,000 square feet for its production facility in Bangkok. The brand has also opened up warehouses in San Marino, US and soon in the UK. This is only the beginning for Phillip and his journey with Yokkao. 

Philip has dreams of introducing Muay Thai to more people in the US. He wants to continue helping kids realize how beneficial putting their energy into combative sports can be. If you are interested in learning more about Yokkao insights, check Philip’s Instagram page. He frequently updates his Instagram page for more Muay Thai stories at http://www.instagram.com/philyokkao

If you are looking for some Muay Thai gear of your own, head over to www.yokkao.com for the best quality goods you will find.

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