Mily Ajo Reveals How She Transformed From A Flutist To A Micro-Pigmentation Expert

Mily Ajo Reveals How She Transformed From A Flutist To A Micro-Pigmentation Expert

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Mily Ajo, a hugely successful entrepreneur and a renowned figure in the area of eyebrow micropigmentation, has shared the story of her life’s journey. Mily was a passionate flutist musician but discovered her desire for aesthetics later on and soon took it to a whole new level. 

“Music was a childhood passion and I pursued it with a relentless and unwavering dedication to enjoy a successful and memorable career in the field of music,” says Mily Ajo while sharing details of her life’s journey. “My first encounter with the world of beauty happened in Medellin in Columbia in 2012. It was there that I discovered my second passion – aesthetics and pursued it with the same dedication.”

Mily Ajo was born in Holguín, Cuba on April 12, 1986. When she was nine, she entered the José Maria Ochoa conservatory. At 19 she graduated as a solo flutist and instrumentalist, and went on to become a highly successful and musician and developed a wonderful career in this field.

Mily went to Medellin, Colombia in 2012 and was exposed to the world of beauty and the immense potential and possibilities it offered. She was highly impressed by the aesthetics and developed a passion for it. She soon took her first steps towards becoming a facialist and worked towards developing her expertise in the world of skincare.

In 2014, Mily decided to start her career in this domain in the United States and continued venturing into the world of aesthetics. She soon became a lash artist. In the same year, she also studied clinical medical electrolysis.

Her thirst for more information and knowledge on the subject took Mily to New York City in 2015. She decided to focus on the field of micropigmentation. She joined the Phi Academy to learn microblading. It was an eventful year as she gained more expertise and identified her goals for the future.

Launching and managing Dermabless was a hugely demanding task for Mily as she was an outsider of sorts in the United States and had to deal with numerous problems and challenges that entrepreneurs face in a non-native country. She had to strive hard and make sure that her organization keeps improving in all areas of business. She also completed a course Phlebotomy to widen the range of services that Dermabless provided.

Mily started getting invitations to various programs in Miami as word started spreading about her academic conquers, her dedication, and her creative approach to business. The community was keen to hear her views and sought inspiration from her entrepreneurial achievements and success.

In 2019, she took her vision to greater heights with the launch of Dermabless Academy. The aim was to take the world of aesthetics further and empower women who, like her, sought to reinvent themselves and open their own business. Dermabless Academy currently has a little more than 1,500 students who have studied and trained with Dermabless.

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