Airline Captain Begins Lifelong Dream As An Entertainer With Just “5 Minutes With Herb”

Airline Captain Begins Lifelong Dream As An Entertainer With Just "5 Minutes With Herb"

Herb Jackson Jr. – Entertainment Host

5 Minutes With Herb is a new YouTube series hosted and produced by Herb Jackson Jr. Herb is a commercial airline pilot who has been bitten by the acting bug. He has always dreamt of making a name for himself in the entertainment industry. He began the series 5 Minutes With Herb as a way to gain some experience working in front of the camera.  

Herb is an Arizona based entertainer, who also does work in commercial acting and modeling. He has graduated from Arizona Actor’s Academy based in Phoenix, successfully completing courses in TV; print modeling and acting. Herb has put a lot of time and focus on his craft.

Even though Herb is venturing into the world of entertainment, it doesn’t mean that he is forever putting his love of flying aside. He is an accomplished Boeing 737 Captain for a major US airline and has flown over 16,000 flight hours. Although he loves being in the air, it’s time for Herb to branch out and follow his dreams of entertaining the world. 

5 Minutes With Herb

When he came up with the idea for 5 Minutes With Herb, he knew he wanted to use this time as a valuable 5 minutes to enrich his viewers’ lives. He decided that he should create a series that could inspire people. What better way to inspire people than to feature guests who have made their dreams happen? From there, an idea was born. 

This weekly YouTube series features guests that are making a difference with their talents. He speaks with other actors, business entrepreneurs, chefs, coaches, and so much more. It’s worth a subscribe because you never know who he will feature next. These guests include The Outsider’s Sir Brodie and For Life’s Tyla Harris. 

Herb has found multiple ways to bring entertainment to his fanbase. If you want to get more than 5 minutes a week with Herb, he also posts weekly blog updates on his website, In his blog, he features a summary of his guest of the week so you can read more about his experience. 

If you only have a few minutes to spare for entertainment, use it wisely and tune into Herb Jackson Jr. To find out more about what Herb is up to and who he will feature next, follow his Instagram page: @5minuteswithherb

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