Linyang Got The Approval Of Accumulative More Than 1gw Pv Projects

At present, a new round of global energy reform is booming. Major countries in the world are committed to transforming the fossil energy system into a low-carbon energy system, and vigorously developing renewable energy has become the common consensus and concerted action of the global energy reform and climate change response.

At present, a new round of global energy reform is booming. Major countries in the world are committed to transforming the fossil energy system into a low-carbon energy system, and vigorously developing renewable energy has become the common consensus and concerted action of the global energy reform and climate change response. On August 5, The General Office of the National Development and Reform Commission and the General Department of the National Energy Administration issued the Notice on the Low-cost Grid Project of Wind power and PHOTOVOLTAIC power Generation in 2020, with the installed capacity of the low-priced grid project of photovoltaic power generation at 33GW. On June 28, according to the results of the 2020 PHOTOVOLTAIC bidding project released by the Energy Administration, the total amount of the national photovoltaic bidding project was 25.97GW, and the bidding and parity projects far exceeded the market expectations, which meant that the photovoltaic industry remained prosperous.

Linyang Renewable energy has never stopped its exploration in the photovoltaic industry and actively participated in photovoltaic parity and bidding projects. In 2019, the company won 343MW parity projects in Hebei and Jiangsu provinces, 34.5MW bidding projects in Jiangsu and Shandong provinces, and assisted CGN to won 200MW leader awarding projects. In 2020, the company won parity projects of 610MW in Hebei, Shandong and Anhui, and bidding project of 49MW in Anhui. Among them, Linyang won the first place in Anhui with parity index project of 290MW.

So far, the company has gotten on-grid of 1.5 GW different types of photovoltaic power stations, operating more than 2 GW photovoltaic power stations,which involve different application scenarios of agriculture, fishery light, barren hills, roof. The company has won and carried out various kinds of photovoltaic (PV) EPC projects of application front-runner, becoming one of the renewable energy companies with all kinds of distributed photovoltaic power stations.

Excellent Design Skills

Founded in 2016, Linyang Renewable Energy Research Institute has been granted with grade B engineering design qualification certificate for the electric power industry. With its strong technical research and development capability, Linyang developed a strong technical team with advanced energy experts and overseas Doctors. It undertakes national key research and development projects and participates in the formulation of a number of national and industrial standards for photovoltaic applications. The main business includes photovoltaic power station design, photovoltaic power station construction technical consultation, power station operation and maintenance technical consultation, overall comprehensive energy solution, etc. The power station has strong design capability, is rapid response to customer demand and annual design capability is 2GW. 39% of the team members are senior professionals and 43% have master degree or above. All of them have rich working experience in power plant engineering design, system development and technical consultation.

Perfect Supply Chain System

Linyang Renewable Energy has a strict supplier management system and a complete database of qualified suppliers, which can effectively control the construction cost and improve system efficiency on the premise of ensuring the quality of the power station. The company has a list of qualified suppliers that have been proved by practice, and has long-term strategic cooperative relations with domestic first-tier brand suppliers such as Huawei, Longji, Tbea, Far East, etc., with good quality assurance and efficient and reliable after-sales service. The company conducts a quarterly comprehensive evaluation of qualified suppliers, and forms a benign win-win cooperation with suppliers while reducing cost and increasing efficiency. It constantly introduces innovative new processes and materials to help the company win the first chance in the fierce market competition.

Operation and Maintenance of Smart Power Station

The company improves the operation and maintenance level of photovoltaic power station comprehensively through smart, professional and standardized operation and maintenance solutions. The total capacity of the company’s operation and maintenance power stations exceeds about 2GW, including 1.5GW self-sustaining power stations, generating 1.89 billion KWH. With independent design and development of ”Smart Cloud Platform of Linyang Photovoltaic”, the company carries out three-dimensional inspection model of the ”remote monitoring + smart field inspection + Infrared uav patrol”, accurate diagnosis of backward power generation unit and efficient technical inefficiency system equipment and timely clean up power plant pollution components; the plant operational efficiency significantly increased 8.6%, and the failure time reduced by 50%, power loss dropped by 21.3%. The company actively introduces various professional talents, promotes the regional centralized management mode, and rapidly improves the benefits. The operation and maintenance efficiency per capita are increased by 12.5%, and the operation and maintenance cost of single megawatt is reduced by 10.0%. At the same time, the company continuously deepens industry-university cooperation in the field of PHOTOVOLTAIC operation and maintenance, actively participates in industry calibration, innovates operation philosophy, expands multilateral business, and commits itself to becoming the leading force in photovoltaic power station operation and maintenance market.

The company will adhere to “safety first, reliable operation, benefit first, long-term control”, continue to strengthen the construction of operation and maintenance team, improve photovoltaic operation and maintenance technology, effectively guarantee the safe and stable operation of power station, and constantly enhance the company’s operation and maintenance market competitiveness. The company will explore the new power operation and maintenance market, actively develop external business, enhance the company’s operation and maintenance business growth, and create more profit opportunities. The company will strive to build the brand of “Linyang Operation and Maintenance”, committed to becoming a benchmark enterprise in the power service industry and leading the healthy and orderly development of the industry.

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. This is the last year to have photovoltaic subsidies. With the impact of the coronavirus, the whole industry is rapidly approaching parity and bidding. Facing the complicated market environment and various uncertain factors, Linyang will work hard to develop business, and pay more attention to diversified development. With strong economic strength to promote the renewable energy sector business and continue to develop deep efficient photovoltaic power plant, Linyang will keep working to be “a First -class Product and Operation Service Provider in the Global Field of Smart Grid, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Management.”

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