The Bixby Network LLC, Founded by Chirag Goswami, Offers Audience Targeted Advertising Services for All Businesses

The Bixby Network LLC, Founded by Chirag Goswami, Offers Audience Targeted Advertising Services for All Businesses

Chirag Goswami: Owner of The Bixby Network LLC

In 2010 Chirag Goswami decided to take everything he knew about advertising and turn it into an online adventure. The world of online-based businesses was growing very fast, and most companies’ potential client bases were already online surfing the web. Chirag knew that the best way to market a product towards these clients was to place the ads where they were already looking.

He started doing online media buying from Gujarat India. He worked with almost 100+ Top International Media Buy ad agencies around the world Including USA, Europe & Asia. Chirag would connect with companies and then get their brand noticed with online ads through media buying. He used his connections to rent a space so they could advertise what they’re offering for a certain amount of time. 

This is how Chirag Goswami founded The Bixby Network LLC. He has helped numerous amounts of businesses reach paying clients all over the World. The Bixby Network LLC doesn’t place eveyones’ ads in the same spot. Each ad gets sent to a space where it has potential to reach your target audience. Your ad will only be seen by people who are interested in what you offer.

Over the past 10 years Chirag has been dedicated to growing The Bixby Network LLC and has put in the work to expand the company internationally. There is good news on the horizon for The Bixby Network LLC  because they have obtained a US EIN company incorporation certificate. They will now be servicing the US since the company is a Delaware Inc. 

Making sure The Bixby Network LLC is up to date on all of the latest advertising trends, Chirag has been attending the Affiliate World Conference with every chance he gets since 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand to keep expanding his network of Clients and advertisers. He is dedicated to helping your company find success through media buying. 

How To Connect With The Bixby Network LLC

Placing an advertisement for your company, put in the right spot can be a huge step for growing your business. The Bixby Network LLC specializes in making sure your ad gets placed where a relevant audience can see it. 

If you’re interested in learning more about what media buying can do for your company, feel free to reach out to Chirag by email at

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Chirag is passionate about helping your business grow. To find out more about his credential, check out his LinkedIn at

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