Marley Swindells is planning to go global with his digital Solar Agency PV Pipeline.

Marley Swindells is planning to go global with his digital Solar Agency PV Pipeline.
Focused on connecting solar buyers with sales teams using revolutionary digital strategies to capture buyers data from a range of sources not previously accessible.

September 21, 2020 – Marley Swindells is the founder of PV Pipeline, a leading digital marketing agency focussed on the ever growing Solar PV industry. Now due to huge success in the Australian, he has announced that he will also be branching out globally. He will be leveraging his knowledge and expertise in search retargeting to deliver world-class campaign strategies to solar companies in new markets including Europe, the UK and America.

As a search retargeting expert Swindells specializes in helping solar companies a greater ROI through digital techniques which have the ability to capture solar buyers from search engines, competitor’s websites, solar review sites and 3 quote websites

Many Australian companies are lauding the fresh approach to search.

Sean Kelly, Founder and Director of Freedom Energy said his sales team had experienced impressive results using the new method.

“I knew we needed to diversify our marketing outreach, as I was 100% reliant on facebook to deliver sales leads for our team. I was hesitant at first as I previously had a negative experience with Adwords, but once I understood the process was completely different, it became clear we could capture buyers data from our competitors web sites, so I decided to dive in the deep end and we haven’t looked back”.

Swindells will manage the expansion through a team of global reseller agencies while mainlining campaign management centrally. Swindells will offer reseller agencies one-on-one training through a reseller program. Swindells said “globally solar PV is just booming, so it made sense to expand the business and allow solar companies to benefit from what we learned through several years of trial and error in Australia.”

Each client will receive an in-depth consultation that allows the PV Pipeline team to fully understand the specific needs and pain points of the client’s organization. Then, the team will build a customized strategy aimed at getting the very most out of Search retargeting.

Statistics show that the fact that a search retargeting campaign is cost competitive against both Adwords and facebook is undeniable.

Marketing experts agree that search retargeting is the best way to get online traction, and is perhaps the most effective way to get the most out of digital marketing. In fact, campaign results have indicated nearly 70% of clicks from search retargeting take action.

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About Marley Swindells

Marley is a former professional athlete and now a premier digital expert with more than 6 years digital marketing experience. He specializes in solar business and helping solar companies grow with the latest digital marketing channels and techniques but ultimately getting them in front of people who need their service.


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