What materials are commonly used for metal nameplates

The nameplate logo material aluminum and its alloy suffer pitting corrosion in the medium containing halogen ion, which is related to the state of the oxide film, the existence of the second phase, the annealing temperature and time of the alloy. If the material iron of the nameplate is in a blunt state and there are Cl-, Br-, I- or ClO4- in the solution, it suffers from pore corrosion in acidic, neutral and alkaline solutions.

Huizhou Weihua Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the production of nameplates and has more than ten years of experience in nameplate making. Its business includes: steel nameplate, metal nameplates, electroforming nameplates, aluminum nameplates, hardware nameplates, mechanical nameplates, etc. The titanium hole corrosion only occurs in the boiling solution of high concentration chloride (42% MgCl2; 61% CaCl2; 86% ZnCl2 refers to the mass fraction) and methanol solution with a small amount of water added to bromine. When nickel is anodized in a solution containing Cl-, Br- and I-, pore corrosion occurs. When the content of Cr, Mo, N and Ni in stainless steel increases, the corrosion resistance of the nameplate to pore corrosion will be improved. Cr improved the stability of passivation film and Mo inhibited metal dissolution.

Elements to improve pitting resistance: Cr, Mo, Ni, V, Si, N, Ag

Elements promoting pitting: Mn, S, Ti, Nb

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Metal signs by the selection of materials for the general aluminum, copper, stainless steel plate. And the aluminum plate is generally selected for drawing aluminum plate, with delicate lines and lines, so that the aluminum brand printed out appears very delicate, beautiful. And light, soft, beauty is the characteristics of aluminum brand. The aluminum has a protective film on the surface to protect the aluminum plate from being scratched.

And copper we are generally using pure copper to do, and the effect of copper made is of course classical beauty, generally plating on the surface of a layer of bronze, that is more flavor.

There are two kinds of stainless steel plate: one is 304 stainless steel, this stainless steel quality is the best, through the wind and rain will not change. But the price is on the high side, and another kind of stainless steel is cheaper, although the effect is not as good as 304, but the effect is also good.

The above is the introduction of the material used for the metal nameplate. I hope you will like it.We are professional name plate maker for stainless steel name plate, metal name plates for equipmentsolid brass name plates; Welcome to consult ~

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