Homeowners Should Know Whether They Need an Electrician or HVAC Technician

Homeowners Should Know Whether They Need an Electrician or HVAC Technician

Although most people don’t realize this, HVAC and electrical service go hand in hand. At AirNow Cooling and Heating, the technicians not only understand the mechanics of an air handling unit, but they also have an in-depth electrical knowledge that allows them to properly diagnose and repair a malfunctioning unit from the inside out. Servicing the Millbrook, AL area for almost 30 years, this team of experienced technicians can quickly repair any heating and air conditioning problems as well as troubling electrical issues that a homeowner is experiencing.

Quick and Efficient HVAC Repair

When the heating or air conditioning fails, there is a wide assortment of reasons it could have happened, many of which are detailed at websites like https://www.airnowhvac.com/. Trained to quickly identify issues within the electronics, motorized parts, and thermostat, a certified HVAC technician will employ skills tied to plumbing, electricity, and air circulation to fix the problem and restore the proper climate control. Once the technician has the system back up and running, they will test the temperature of the air blowing out of the vents and response of the unit to changes in the thermostat to ensure that everything is operating at peak efficiency before calling the job complete.

One Skill Works Directly With the Other

Most people who need to hire an electrician around Millbrook, AL don’t immediately think of finding one at a Heating and Air Conditioning company. At AirNow Cooling & Heating, the HVAC technicians are also certified electricians who provide a wide variety of repair services like adjusting overloaded circuits, tracking down loose connections, correcting improperly installed wiring, and replacing old wiring that poses a safety hazard. They also assist in renovation projects, especially if modifications to the air handling system are required. Individuals who need to know if these electricians can help them should visit https://www.airnowhvac.com/contact/ to set up a consultation and free estimate.

Specialized Air Handling For Uncomfortable Homes

The combination of an HVAC technician and electrician comes in handy when a homeowner requires a zoned air handling system. Zoned systems utilize multiple thermostats throughout the home that work with a series of dampers to restrict airflow. Homeowners set the temperature they want at each thermostat and when more air should flow into that area, the dampers open to allow it in. This type of system involves a fair amount of electrical work along with knowledge of air restriction so having a well-rounded technician doing the install work pays off.

Emergency Service is Available Around the Clock

HVAC malfunctions can happen at any time and often leave homes without climate control during very inconvenient hours. Fortunately, companies like AirNow Home Services provide 24/7 emergency repair service for breakdowns that occur after normal business hours. Whether it’s the middle of the night, on a holiday, or over the weekend, there is always a technician on call who will provide simple fixes that the homeowner can try first to help determine the severity of the issue. If these don’t work, the technician will pack up and head out with everything necessary to tackle a more serious issue.

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