New Addition: Free Raw Photo Editor for Removal.AI Free Background Remover

Artificial intelligence (AI) Technology has been an integral part of everyone’s daily life. Thousands of new applications and software are being created everyday that can be used in various ways for one same purpose – to make tasks done easier, conveniently and efficiently. One of the most sought after tools and applications today is free online photo editor. 

No matter your project, whether you want to showcase on a gallery or photography website, sell your product on an ecommerce site or launch a PR or marketing campaign for your business, you should not present your raw visual content as final before having it completely processed. Here is where the new Removal.AI Free Raw Photo Editor comes to play. 

What is Removal.AI – Free Background Remover? is the most convenient and efficient online solution to remove background from an image automatically. This free background remover is programmed to help users save time and money doing tedious, repetitive tasks of removing image background. Removal.AI API can be fully integrated with other professional software, letting the AI technology fine-tune and speed-up your workflow and can process over 1,000 files in a single click. Removal.AI is perfect for Photographers, for Media and Marketing, for Individuals and for Ecommerce use.

New Added Photo Editing Feature for Removal.AI

Your favourite Free Background Remover that works automatically in 1 single click now comes with a powerful photo editing tool. You can now also do further editing of the image with a transparent background after the background has been removed. Additional features include functions that will enable you to add a different background color or image, add text, apply shadow effects to your image and more.

How Does it Work?

After using the automatic remove background tool, Click on the Edit button that’s found on the right corner of the dialog output. Access on this new editing feature, will enable you to apply edits on the current image with a transparent background.

To create that fun, creative and effective digital assets for your business or personal projects, you don’t have to worry. With Removal.AI new efficient photo editing tool, you can create your very own visuals easily using drag and drop capabilities. Here is a full tutorial on how to create graphic design using Removal.AI Free Raw Photo Editor.

Here are more design samples created using Removal.AI new Free Raw Photo Editor:

“We built to help our customers realize their ideas, enabling them to fully use their creative power. We provide services to improve images using innovative technology. We incorporate knowledge-based techniques and advanced image processing methods to create outstanding outputs. Our expert team has years of professional experience in photo editing, retouching, and artificial intelligence technology. We are aiming to simplify clients’ workflows to foster creativity and design.” – Removal.AI Goal.

Whether you want to create funny memes of your friends 🙂 or design effective social media images, eye-catching ad banners and other marketing visual materials for an engaging and effective campaign, Removal.AI makes it happen.


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