All on Four Teeth Implants are Available in Ajax

Singer Dental has revealed an easier and faster solution for people who might think they need dentures – All on Four teeth implants.

Singer Dental has revealed an easier and faster solution for people who might think they need dentures – All on Four teeth implants.

The Ajax dental clinic is giving hope to people who have damaged or broken teeth and think that dentures is the only option. All on Four teeth implants allow people who have almost all of their teeth damaged to have as few as eight implants with multiple teeth attached to one implant.

The benefits of All on Four implants are as listed below:

  • The teeth are permanently fixed, unlike dentures that are removable and need cleaning separately
  • Because they are permanently fixed, they won’t slip and they won’t need adhesive to keep them in place
  • It will increase bite strength and the ability to eat hard and chewy food
  • They will help to give your face the structure it should have with a full set of teeth
  • People can lose bone as a result of having missing teeth. This does not happen with this option.
  • You can brush and floss and maintain your teeth like normal teeth, so they are really easy to maintain
  • The taste of your food won’t be impacted. Many people complain about loss of taste of food with dentures due to the creams and adhesives and cleaning materials used with them.
  • The All on Four teeth implants are cheaper than traditional implants
  • The procedure can be done all on one day.

A spokesman from Singer Dental said: “This type of implant is designed for people who need to replace all or nearly all of their teeth due to them being damaged or missing. If the damage is less significant then there are other options that are more appropriate for our patients. This is the sort of things that we will talk through and discuss with all of our patients in the first consultation.

“Every treatment must be tailor-made to the person as everyone has different circumstances and needs.

“The All on Four teeth implants have to be considered very seriously though. Patients often find the teeth are more bulky than their natural teeth and speech can be affected. But usually it is just a case of getting used to the new set of teeth and the bulkiness and speech will return to normal eventually. We just have to help patients through the adjustment and they will have to realize that it might take time to get back to normal.

“Firstly, we need to help people understand whether it is the right option for them. They need to get in touch and book a consultation so we can do an examination of their teeth and discuss all of the options that are available,” he added.

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