Psychotherapy Clinic’s Stress Management Therapists Provide Professional Help and Support

InnerSight Psychotherapy Inc’s stress management therapy services aim to provide support and be there for citizens of Maple, ON when then they need help the most.

InnerSight Psychotherapy Inc’s stress management therapy services aim to provide support and be there for citizens of Maple, ON when then they need help the most.

Stress is a condition that occurs in everyday life and is part of human nature. All generations and people of all backgrounds, personalities and races suffer from stress, and in today’s society there are many ways that stress can be caused. While these are perhaps different than in previous generations, weighty expectations at work, strain on personal and family finances, the ongoing juggle of work and family life balance (which has perhaps been made even more acute by the coronavirus situation), and the importance of downtime and leisure are all factors in stress management. These factors are not to mention other forms of stress such as concerns about the health and wellness of family members, and other more uncontrollable sources of stress.

In addition to being a mental condition or state of mind, stress can also manifest itself in conjunction with anxiety and other demonstrable mental health issues. These conditions are very much physical manifestations of stress, and show as being physically present in the human body. If and when stress reaches acute levels in an individual, it can trigger increased heart rate and by extension blood pressure, and cause disproportionately high levels of sweating and clamminess of the skin. This can even lead to digestive problems, and an ongoing state of anxiety that can be difficult for affected people to break free from.

While many signs and symptoms of stress are negative for a person’s life, if harnessed in the right way stress can be channelled into a positive thing. Certain events in life for example can increase stress and anxiety, such as making the decision to start a new job, or when you finally clinch your bran new home. While certain aspects of these can be stressful, the experience is generally a positive one as stress is channelled in the right direction. The result is that these key life events can be exiting as opposed to negatively stressful.

InnerSight Psychotherapy work with each of their patients to understand not only the symptoms of stress that are apparent in the individual, but to analyze the underlying causes of them and the life events that may have contributed to them. Unlike some clinics that simply see symptoms of stress and then show their patients relaxation techniques, InnerSight Psychotherapy seeks to help the patient uncover why they are stressed, and how their lifestyle has evolved to be a stressful one.

This approach enables long-term solutions to be proposed, monitored and developed in conjunction with the patient, with the end result of building a more robust and sustainable approach to managing their stress.

About InnerSight Psychotherapy Inc.

InnerSight Psychotherapy Inc. is a Maple based clinic for all aspects of psychotherapy and stress relief for its patients. The clinic’s specialized team of therapists and counsellors provide each patient with a personalized plan to combat stress and to lead a more fulfilling and relaxed lifestyle free of the worries of stress and anxiety. 

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