Gaslight Marketing & Communications Introduces Classroom LIVE!

Unique Solution to “Distance Teaching” Turns Every Class into a Fully Interactive Educational Program that Engages Students by Better Replicating the In-Classroom Experience

Boston, MA – September 23, 2020 – Gaslight Marketing & Communications today announced the launch of the company’s newest initiative to enhance the effectiveness and excitement of remote education, Gaslight’s Classroom LIVE!. Classroom LIVE! is designed to give teachers the tools and training to master distance teaching and easily and inexpensively transform their classroom into a production studio. After just one virtual session of Classroom LIVE!, educators know everything they need to do to make every class, from kindergarten to college, a fully interactive educational program that engages students and more closely resembles in-person learning.

“So much of the conversation surrounding education during COVID-19 has focused on the difficulties associated with distance learning for students, but very few people have discussed the incredible challenges presented by distance teaching for the thousands of teachers asked to completely rethink their approach to education,” said Scott MacKenzie, president of Gaslight. “As we spoke with many teachers over the past months while developing Classroom LIVE!, they have consistently voiced their concerns regarding student engagement, noting that it is hard enough to keep students’ attention in the classroom, and the prospect of doing so on a Zoom call is downright frightening. We created Classroom LIVE! to turn teachers from just talking heads on a screen into dynamic online educators, making them the stars of their very own educational program with their classroom as the set.”

By combining the agency’s presentation and media training programs with the event team’s remote and in-person production expertise, Gaslight’s first-of-its-kind Classroom LIVE! quickly turns educators into production and distance teaching experts, unlocking the full potential of the free technologies at their fingertips. With a simple green screen and multiple devices such as a tablet, smartphone or a second computer with webcam, teachers can now teach in front of a virtual blackboard, walk around their classrooms, interact with props, share work and visuals, and engage with every student, all while doing what they do best: teaching!

In addition to helping teachers create more engaging and interactive distance teaching methods, Classroom LIVE! can redefine the role for teacher’s aides and assistants, many of whom have lost their jobs due to the new blueprint of distance teaching. Aides and assistants now have the opportunity to take the Classroom LIVE! training course and learn how to become a teacher’s “production assistant” for Classroom LIVE!, putting them in control of the action and managing every aspect of the broadcast, from camera changes to implementing engaging graphics and presentations.

“This pandemic and its effects on education are likely going to be with us for quite some time, and we need to prepare our teachers for the long road ahead,” continued MacKenzie. “Classroom LIVE! is going to revolutionize distance teaching and help our students and teachers stay safe and find success in this new normal, while achieving the engagement and connection they are craving. It also provides an opportunity for school systems to showcase their preparedness and proficiency at a time when their actions are being intensely scrutinized by parents and the press.”

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