Filmmaker Christina Zorich chronicles the ills of human trafficking in “The New Abolitionists”

Experienced professional actor and producer, Christina Zorich, follows abolitionists throughout Southeast Asia as she documents their efforts in curbing human sex trafficking in her new film project

“The New Abolitionists” is an exploratory work from a professional actor, acting teacher, director, and producer, Christina Zorich as she unveils her experiences following abolitionists who have dedicated their lives to rescuing, rehabilitating, preventing, and prosecuting human sex traffickers. Christina was inspired to do the documentary following his meeting with Erica Greve of Unlikely Heroes at a Christmas party in 2012.

Human trafficking remains a pandemic that has continued to ravage the world for centuries. According to a report by the International Labor Organization, an estimated 24.9 million men, women, and children across the globe were victims of human trafficking as of September 2017. Another report by the UN reveals that 54% of all victims in 2014 were trafficked for sexual exploitation. Several bodies have taken the bull by the horns to stop this inhumane act and Christina Zorich is looking to show the world the experiences of abolitionists across Southeast Asia and the plights of victims of human sex trafficking through “The New Abolitionists.”

Christina Zorich has taken the fight personally, stating that “The New Abolitionists is beyond a “passion project” for me.” Christina has been working in the entertainment industry for 3 decades, using her versatility to create entertaining content for a global audience. However, her encounter with Erica Greve of Unlikely Heroes in 2012 was the catalyst that inspired Christina to embark on the abolitionist mission.

The duo discussed and talked about human sex trafficking, a topic that Christina was unaware of until that meeting. Erica, a registered nurse, shared her firsthand experiences of tons of young victims of sex trafficking with Christina and her determination to raise awareness about it and fight the criminal industry. Consequently, they collaborated, with Christina sharing her contacts in the movie industry with Erica with the hope of creating a work that highlights her efforts. Unfortunately, everyone wanted to get paid to shoot the footage, which led to the idea of doing The New Abolitionists.

The New Abolitionists required Christina Zorich to sell her assets to raise funds to shoot the project, a move that served as an eye-opener to the filmmaker, as she details her experience in the documentary. The project covers several countries across the Southeast Asia regions, including Thailand and Cambodia, featuring different anti-trafficking groups and how they have continued to work to put an end to human sex trafficking and make a difference in the world.

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