::ALUEI:: Releases New Book Titled A-Mumex: A NEW COSMOLOGY OF SOUND

“A-MUMEx: A NEW COSMOLOGY OF SOUND” is the latest project from Sir Louis Siciliano ALUEI of Magic & Unique Group as the talented entertainer delivers over 20 years of work in a masterpiece that will disrupt the entertainment industry. The book is targeted at different stakeholders in the music industry, especially music institutions such as Juilliard, Berklee College of Music, NYU, Manhattan School, Hancock institute, and a host of others, providing them with what has been described as “the future of music composition.”

The multi-billion-dollar entertainment industry has continued to evolve over the years, with the music industry being a major contributor to the evolution. Music composition remains an important part of making good music. Unfortunately, many of the available entertainers and music makers do not possess the requisite skills to compose captivating songs while keeping the audience entertained. ::ALUEI:: is, however, looking to change this narrative with the release of A-MUMEx: A NEW COSMOLOGY OF SOUND.

Described as one of the pioneers of Quantic Music, ALUEI has performed in practically all major festivals across the globe, blessing the ears of millions of people with his amazing music composition skills and performances. ALUEI is sharing his years of experience in music composition and wealth of knowledge with the world in “A-MUMEx: A NEW COSMOLOGY OF SOUND.”

A-MUMEx (ALUEI MUSIC MULTIVERSE EXPLORATION) is the meta-language for all Music Creatives: composers, instrumentalists, arrangers, orchestrators, electronic music artists, and educators across all music genres. The book serves as a guide to help entertainers increase their ability to imagine cool musical structures and discover new melodic lines and unusual harmonic formulas.

Interested readers and institutions can check Amazon for the book A-MUMEx, where it has continued to garner reviews from different quarters. “A-MUMEx opens a new era to the technique of musical composition and outlines new creative horizons in the music-making process. As a female composer open to cool sound experiences, this book gives me a new artistic awareness. I recommend it to anyone who wants to travel towards the future of the Music Composition,” said Annalisa A.

::ALUEI:: also recently dropped a music project titled “Into the Dipness,” where he delivers another amazing rendition of captivating music to entertainment enthusiasts across the globe. The latest work is currently available on Spotify for lovers of good music worldwide.

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