Ontario Family-Owned Landscape Contractor Offers Complete Planning and Design Services for All Types of Sports Court

CrowAll Surface Contractors Are Experts in Complete Range of Sport Court and Landscape Requirements.

From tennis courts to golf courses and basketball courts, CrowAll Surface Contractors Ltd provides a range of sports facility construction throughout Ontario. The family-owned and run contractors offers personalized and tailored services to all of its clients, and caters for every type of sport and surface.

Aiming to provide an all-in-one solution to not only sports courts surface requirements but also the associated landscaping, drainage, fencing and walls that complement them, CrowAll caters for all environments and requirements. With services including initial plan and design of the sports courts themselves and the surrounding areas, groundwork, preparation and laying of foundations, and erection of walls, fencing, drainage and connecting pathways, the contractors have all bases covered in their field.

As part of its extensive product catalog, the firm caters for a variety of sports including ice rinks, golf putting greens, roller hockey rinks, volleyball courts and even more niche sports such as bocce and pickleball. One of CrowAll Surface Contractors’ specialties is tennis courts, and the firm have developed expertise in all types of court and surface.

This includes soft asphalt for low maintenance and repairs, in addition to significantly reduced risk of injury and pain that can build up from regularly playing on standard hard tennis courts. Another benefit of this versatile court surface is that it can be installed directly on top of an old or existing court surface, which significantly reduces the cost and groundwork required for the build.

Depending on the customer’s choice of court, CrowAll Surface Contractors also provide red, green and European choices of clay court. As well as the different dimension that clay courts offer during match play and the sliding aspect that can bring such excitement and unpredictability to tennis, the surface is also relatively gentle for joints and the knees and back.

In addition to court construction, CrowAll Surface Contractors also provide ongoing tennis court maintenance services to keep courts looking pristine and in top condition for playing. Given the harsh conditions that tennis courts have to endure in Ontario winters, CrowAll also offer extensive court resurfacing services to keep courts in top condition for the spring and summer months.

To help make courts more durable and robust to handle the winter weather, CrowAll also specializes in Laykold’s acrylic latex coating protection for courts. This convenient technology can be applied to courts, with the benefit being that courts can then last more than two times longer between resurfaces. This not only creates a cost saving, but saves precious downtime on courts.

The court contractors’ extensive range of services also includes asphalt penetration lifts, ClayTech which provides a perfect balance between soft courts and clay courts, and acrylic application to seal and protect courts of all surfaces.

About CrowAll Surface Contractors

CrowAll Surface Contractors are an Ontario-based firm that provide a range of sports court building and surface solutions. Specializing in tennis courts but also in a range of other court-based sports and pitch and putt courses, the firm cater for all customers’ requirements. In addition to this, a range of landscape and drainage solutions compete the immediate vicinity of the facilities for a one-stop solution.

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