Hana Rutzki teaches Math with love & kef ben kohavim

Hana Rutzki teaches Math with love & kef ben kohavim
Hana Rutzki teaches Math with love & compassion & the special new international game ‘Space Flight Fun’

The international publisher Netanel Semrik in a series of Video interviews with the teacher that you always dreamed.

Learn Math today with your children using the new game: Space Flight Fun

Space adventure game to develop strategic, creative, and mathematical thinking

Aim: To fly to five planets in the solar system, using multiplication and strategic thinking

How to play:

  1. Each participant receives a game board (solar system) and 6 cards. The rest of the cards are placed in a pile face-down, to be used as a draw deck.
  2. The players select one of the four Spaceship cards.
  3. The player who has an Earth card as one of the six cards in his hand, has the first turn. If no-one has an Earth card, the first turn will go to the player who has the card with the highest number of stars. The next turn goes to the player to his/her left, and so on.
  4. If you don’t have the Earth card, you can choose either:

To make up a math question whose answer is 10. This earns you an Earth token, to be placed on “Earth” on your solar system game card.

To discard one of your cards and to draw a new one from the draw deck. (Cards that are discarded are left face-up.)

  1. In order to start flying to the different planets, you first have to obtain an Earth card/token. If you already have one, place it on “Earth” on your solar system game board. Then, in order to fly to each of the other planets, you have to make up a math question out of the cards in your hand, whose answer is equal to the cost of that flight on the Spaceship card.
  2. The exercise must involve multiplication of the star cards, with addition or subtraction as necessary using the number cards, following the order of mathematical operations.

Whenever you put down the cards that make up your math question, draw new ones from the draw bank so that you’re always holding 6 cards.

Example exercise:

Equals 19 or 21

  1. If you can’t make up a math question using the cards in your hand, you can switch one of your cards for one of the cards that has been discarded (but not for a Gold Star). Switching is considered taking a turn.
  2. Once you have paid the cost of the flight to each planet (in other words, after making up a math question that equals that amount), place the appropriate token on that planet on your solar system game board.

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