Culture and Tourism Development Conf. of Sichuan, the 6th China (Sichuan) International Tourism Investment Conf., the 7th Sichuan International Travel Expo will be held on Sep 24-28 in Leshan

Affected by the COVID-19, the global tourism industry in 2020 suffered from an unprecedented impact. Recently, the spokesman of Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism said that in order to coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic situation and the economic recovery and development of cultural tourism, and to promote the economic recovery of consumer subsidies, according to the unified arrangements of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government Culture and Tourism Development Conference of Sichuan Province, the 6th China (Sichuan) International Tourism Investment Conference, the 7th Sichuan International Travel Expo, Culture and Tourism Development Conference of Sichuan Province, the 6th China International Tourism Investment Conference, the 7th Sichuan International Travel Expo will be held in Leshan Emeishan City from September 24th to 28th.

On September 24th, exhibitors and guests will participate in the inspection after registration. On September 25th, we will hold the Sichuan Culture and Tourism Theme Exhibition and the opening ceremony of the 6th China (Sichuan) International Tourism Investment Conference and the 7th Sichuan International Travel Expo. Cultural and Tourism Development Conference of Sichuan Province will be held at the same time. From September 25th to 28th, relevant supporting activities will be held simultaneously, and online and offline communication and negotiation and transaction signing will be carried out.

Including 4 main arrangements (the Culture and Tourism Development Conference, the opening ceremony, the project inspection and visit the exhibition); 8 Exhibition Halls (the international tourism cloud exhibition, the Chinese characteristic tourism commodities competition exhibition, the cultural and cultural tourism innovation exhibition, the world tourism destination fusion exhibition, the Sichuan Culture and Tourism Theme exhibition, the comfortable Sichuan exhibition, the city Gift Exhibition, the cultural travel new technology Exhibition); 3 Investment Transaction Activities (the project release, the project contract and the project negotiation); simultaneously it carries out the Chinese characteristic tourism commodity competition of this theme competition activity; 3 major online experience activities will be also held in the following: such as cloud display, cloud live broadcast, cloud activities and Emei Summit Forum, China Cultural Tourism Human Resources Summit, regional cooperation and cultural tourism promotion activities, Sichuan and Chongqing fine arts works exhibition, the fourth “Jia Le hui” drama week, cultural tourism series promotion activities and other six supporting activities.

According to reports, currently, the UNWTO, PATA, the ASEAN-China Centre, the World Research Tourism Organization and the China Tourism Association have agreed to act as the support units, Cambodia will be the Guest Country of Honor, Chongqing will be the Guest Province and Yibin will be the Theme City of the 7th SCITE. The joint organizing committee will carry out various exchange activities. More than 1,300 exhibitors have been identified for the eight exhibition areas, The exhibition area is about 2,7500 square meters. The Emei Summit Forum has completed its programme of activities, which take the form of “online and offline” combination and will deeply integrate with international cloud exhibition (PTM2020)” and comfortable Sichuan “cultural tourism forum. In addition to the main activities, The 2020 Leshan Cultural Travel “New Ten Scenery” selection, “easy to dou”. Meanwhile, it also shakes challenges, 2020 “Leshan Taste” and TOP30 network popular food selection and other cultural tourism promotion series activities have started the atmosphere in advance, and initiated preliminary selection.

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