UpTime365 soon to launch innovative remote firewall Pay-Per-Service program with online shopping experience

UpTime365 helping US businesses to save on their cybersecurity budget with next-gen remote firewall Pay-Per-Service program.

Atlanta, GA – September 24, 2020 –Leading Atlanta based cybersecurity firm UpTime365 is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of their unique remote firewall Pay-Per-Service program come October. An industry-first, the new firewall service program is aimed to help businesses cut down on cybersecurity budget amid the current economic crisis borne out of the COVID-19 pandemic. The entire service comes with an online shopping platform in tune with the social distancing norms.

The service will be officially launched on October 20, 2020.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected the health scene nationwide but also the U.S. economic sector as well. Businesses are literally struggling to recover from the losses incurred due to the pandemic lockdown rules and many of them are finding it hard to afford a strong cybersecurity infrastructure. This is where our innovative remote firewall Pay-Per-Service program will come to their rescue”, stated Mike Twumasi, leading cybersecurity expert and the CEO of UpTime365.

Backed by over 18 years of experience in network engineering, Mr. Twumasi leveraged his huge knowledge and expertise in multi-vendor firewall environments to pioneer the launch of the innovative remote service to help companies cut down on their cybersecurity budget.

“Our upcoming Pay-Per-Service is specifically designed to help U.S. businesses with budget-friendly cybersecurity services where they have to pay for only what they need.”

The company has planned to first roll out the service for customers with Palo Alto firewall network environments, and would soon expand to include other major vendors like Cisco, Juniper, Checkpoint, SonicWall and Fortinet.    

As part of the upcoming remote firewall Pay-Per-Service model, UpTime365 will provide an online shopping experience where customers can go and choose the specific firewall features they would like to get remote support for. This way, businesses won’t have to hire a network security consultant or speak with a pre-sales engineer separately. 

Per the statements of Mr. Twumasi, their innovative remote firewall Pay-Per-Service model will help businesses in two major ways. One, it would eliminate the need to hire full time network security engineers which will eventually leave businesses with handy savings for cybersecurity budget. The other advantage is, the latest service model would drastically reduce the turnaround time in critical situations like network outages. UpTime365 is backed by a seasoned team of network engineers who will take care of all cybersecurity emergencies and businesses won’t have to waste time to contact a security consultant separately.

“With regular cybersecurity services, businesses generally have a very limited scope regarding the offering, pricing, management and delivery of the security services. Many a times, they have to pay even for those services that they don’t need which automatically hikes up their cybersecurity expenditure. Additionally, there is no guarantee that the service provider would deliver on time and within budget. It’s never the case with us. Backed by a team of 700+ certified firewall engineers, we promise you 100% guaranteed support for the exact service you need, right on time and within your budget.”

About UpTime365

UpTime365 is a Cybersecurity firm that provides niche expertise in the design, deployment, and management of firewalls through its refined Pay-Per-Service model. 

For more information, please visit https://www.uptime365.com

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