Chiropractor In Carencro, Louisiana Applies 3R’s To Chiropractic Care: Relief, Reinforce, And Reload

Chiropractor In Carencro, Louisiana Applies 3R's To Chiropractic Care: Relief, Reinforce, And Reload
Chiropractic care offers more than just pain relief. The techniques and methods of the chiropractor include education to prevent the return of painful musculoskeletal pain.

Relief Plus and owner/chiropractor, Dr. Shawn Johnston, are pleased to announce that their unique approach to chiropractic medicine is best stated as the 3 Rs: Relief, Reinforce and Reload. Relief is the first step in the healing process. Patients of this chiropractor in Carencro, Louisiana, will begin to feel relief from various painful conditions before returning to an active lifestyle. The pain relief techniques are non-pharmaceutical and non-invasive.

The second step in the process is to Reinforce. The goal in this component of the healing process is to help the patient stay out of pain. Educational and exercise techniques are taught to the patients to end the cycle of pain permanently. The patient may need to learn the types of movement practices and patterns, which are the pain’s underlying cause. Patients also learn how to move more functionally by retraining muscles and joints in new posture techniques, movement patterns, and exercises to strengthen the body.

The third phase is to live better with a Reload. This step equips patients with needed disciplines and knowledge to live life without pain. Patients are encouraged to learn and practice daily living routines to build up the body correctly to facilitate lifelong relief and healing. The chiropractors perform an assessment of daily life activities and help patients apply education to improve personal life and work activities.

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Relief Plus takes a full body and cutting edge approach to relief of symptoms. The doctors look for foundational conditions, which cause pain and other symptoms. This information is then utilized to develop a customized plan to improve immediate painful conditions, as well as to learn measures to prevent its return. By working with each patient in a one-on-one approach, the doctors intervene exactly the way patients need for lifelong relief.


Relief Plus was founded in 2014 by Dr. Shawn Johnston in downtown Carencro, Louisiana. Chiropractor Jean’-Paul Abshire, DC, joined the practice after serving an internship there during his student years. In addition to the two chiropractors, the clinic is operated by a Chiropractic Assistant, a Patient Coordinator, and a Patient Care Manager.

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