Advance a Technology Career With Melisa Liberman’s Tech Leader Power Lunch

Advance a Technology Career With Melisa Liberman’s Tech Leader Power Lunch

Melisa Liberman, Host of the Tech Leader Power Lunch
Learn to Overcome Any Setback in the Tech Field!

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – Despite the technology field’s growing popularity and importance, the pitfalls that plague most other careers are still present: being unexpectedly let go despite a stellar track record, stagnation, and a feeling of “peaking”. While the situation may feel bleak, especially as tech leaders get older, there’s still hope, and award-winning tech leader and coach Melisa Liberman is here to help struggling tech leaders find it.

Melisa Liberman has been a tech leader, career coach, and entrepreneur for more than twenty years. In her corporate career, she worked at Accenture and later moved on to an executive position where she helped build a Software as a Service start-up to a $250 million exit. She’s seen it all and done it all, so when clients come to her looking to maximize their potential, continue to advance, and recapture their fulfillment for their work, she knows exactly what to do.

Right now, every Friday at 11:00 AM PST, Melisa hosts the Tech Leader Power Lunch, an online webinar in which she helps struggling tech leaders gain clarity with their goals and guides them to take actionable steps to achieve them. This is, essentially, the premier forum for tech leaders who strive to maximize their careers. 

On these calls, Melisa helps her clients in a myriad of ways, including laying out strategies to help navigate difficult work situations, step-by-step frameworks to land a promotion, pinpointing and addressing obstacles in their job search, tools to navigate their career after forty, and more! After every Tech Leader Power Lunch, Melisa sends out a replay with the actionable slides and posts the schedule for upcoming sessions and their respective topics. Each week brings something new.

The best part? Registration is completely free! Participants only need their first names and an email address to sign up.

“As a coach, I’ve helped hundreds of leaders get exactly what they want in their career. For many of my clients, that’s a new job, one that’s more fulfilling and where they’re growing and feel valued,” she says of her work.  “For others, it’s the tactics, strategies, and mindset that will take them to the next level in their leadership and management, in their professional relationships and in their execution.

For those looking to advance their careers in the tech field, Melisa’s website can be found here. Registration for the Tech Leader Power Lunch can be found here, and anyone looking for further information can sign up for her personalized coaching sessions here.

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