Air Purification Technology in High Demand

Air Purification Technology in High Demand

Jesse Lanyon, President of Blue Sky Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, & Electric
The Do-It-All company, Blue Sky Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, & Electric, reporting huge public interest in clean air.

by Jim Kedge

DENVER, CO – Air quality is becoming increasingly important in homes and businesses. Air pollution is increasing, and the number of harsh chemicals found in the atmosphere is rising. Allergens are getting trapped indoors and affecting more people in worse ways. Extreme weather events, such as sandstorms from overseas or raging forest fires, can affect every part of the country. Breathing clean air, something everyone needs, is becoming more challenging to ensure.

On top of this, businesses and families are working to stop the spread of Covid-19, which can travel more rapidly through stale and recycled air. Purifying indoor air is one way that companies are planning on keeping their clients and employees safe.

Jesse Lanyon, President of Blue Sky Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, & Electric, understands the concerns his clients have about the state of their air quality. “These are unprecedented times,” Lanyon states. “There is so much fear and concern about staying healthy. We are fielding calls every hour of every day from people looking to do everything they can to keep their homes and work environments clean and safe.”

Jesse Lanyon, the 4th generation owner of Blue Sky Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, & Electric, explains the importance of air purification systems. While furnaces and air conditioners work to maintain proper heating and cooling within the home, these systems are not designed to reduce particles and toxins on their own. Air filters work to catch many allergens and dirt on their way into the home, but more work needs to happen.

Particles often stick within dirty air ducts and get stirred up when the system turns on, and the air begins to blow. Allergens also remain in the nooks and crannies of homes and office buildings where there is little airflow. “Studies show that the air in our homes is much dirtier than we think,” says Lanyon. “We desire to be and provide the breath of fresh air our community needs.”

Lanyon explains that the demand for air purification systems has increased dramatically since the beginning of Covid-19. Blue Sky’s biggest seller has been the REME HALO whole home in-duct air purifier. “The REME HALO attaches inside existing ductwork where the air comes into the house,” Lanyon explains. “This air purifier both sweeps through your home to purify the air while also charging unwanted particles, so they stick together. The increased size of allergens then makes it easier for your filter to catch.”

Blue Sky Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric is committed to the safety and well-being of its people. “We have everyone sanitizing before and after they go into homes or work sites,” Lanyon states. “We care deeply about our customers. We treat people the way we would expect another company to treat us.”

“Our commitment is to the customer,” Lanyon firmly states. “For four generations, we put the needs of people before the company. That’s our promise to you.”

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