The Heating Temperature of a Typical Wire Mesh Fence

The Heating Temperature of a Typical Wire Mesh Fence

“wire mesh fence”

After the measures are formulated, the person in charge of the project will arrange for their implementation. The first step is to measure the heating temperature of the wire mesh fence. After repeated temperature measurements, the average temperature of the fence on the fence is 256°C, the temperature of the lower frame of the fence is 312°C, and the upper and lower temperature difference reaches 56°C. The heating method of the heating furnace is that the burner sends the heat from the bottom of the furnace into the furnace through the flue, and is circulated by the circulating fan from the upper part of the furnace, so the temperature at the bottom of the furnace is higher.

After several repeated adjustments to the valve angles of the upper and lower flue, it finally reached the best effect. When the set temperature of the heating furnace is 365℃, the temperature of the wire mesh fence frame is 272℃, the temperature at the bottom frame is 260℃, and the temperature difference in the furnace It is reduced to 12℃, which basically solves the temperature difference problem. Regarding the problem of small oscillating force, the first thing to do is to replace the compression spring and adjust the vibration angle, but the addition of the oscillating force has little effect. Then increase the size of the cam.

The experiment started with an increase of 3mm, and later experiments were carried out to increase the cams of 5mm and 8mm. Later, it was found that the effect of the cam increased by 10mm. After several days of experiments, when the cam is increased by 10mm, it can effectively oscillate the remaining plastic powder attached to the fence. The mesh of the fence is generally made by welding wires of different standards, and the diameter and strength of the wires directly affect the quality of the grid.

When choosing the right wire thickness, it is the welding or compilation process of the grid, which mainly depends on the skills and operation ability of the skilled personnel and the good production machinery. Generally, a good mesh is that each welding or weaving point can be well connected. It is very important to choose the structure of columns and fences. The matching of columns and frames will take a longer time. Therefore, how to choose the materials of the column structure is very important. There are three different boundary fences: square steel, hexagon and round. The intensity is different.

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