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DANVILLE, KENTUCKY – SEPTEMBER 25, 2020 – It is the most earnest wish of most cat-parents or cats owners for their fluffy, playful kittens to grow into happy cats rather than being withdrawn, scratchy and ill-tempered. This state of happiness, more often than not, is dependent on the suitability of the cats’ toileting materials and surroundings.

Cute litter box is a company that maintains a site dealing with cat litter boxes and all its accessories. This site provides reviews on cats litter boxes and advice on toilet training for the cats. According to Donna Huff, “a cat litter box is a feline necessity of the home. It is an important part of the cat’s life. Cats show particular toileting habits so, these boxes are necessary for the wellbeing of the cats. A litter box is an area where cats can do their business happily and without creating a mess everywhere”.

Types of Litter Boxes for Cats:

There are various types of litter boxes available for cats, each with its peculiar features.

  • Hooded litter box

Merits of Hooded Litter Box:

• Privacy

• Cleanliness

• Odor control

These litter boxes are covered, so they keep the odor inside the litter box and keep your house odor and germ-free.

Demerits of Hooded Litter Box:

• Unpleasant for kitty

  • Open Litter Box/Litter Pan

Merits of Open Litter Box:

• Suitable for small cats

• Accessible

Demerits of Open Litter Box:

• No privacy

• No odor control

  • Self-cleaning litter box

Merits of Self-Cleaning Litter Box:

• No scooping

• Suitable for busy owners

Demerits of Self-Cleaning Litter Box:

• Costly

• Noisy

  • Self-Sifting litter box

Merits of the sifting litter pan:

• Quick cleaning

• Hand-free cleaning

• Durable

Demerits of the sifting litter pans:

• Cannot sift the smaller wastes

  • Disposable litter box

Merits of a disposable litter box:

• Scoop-free

• Inside a litter box

• Suitable for traveling

Demerits of the disposable litter box:

• Easily breaks down

• Expensive

Top entry litter box

The top entry litter box is recommended for those cats that have bad habits of kicking their litter box. These boxes help cat-parents a lot by preventing the cat from messing up the home.

Merits of Top Entry Litter Box:

• It keeps the litter and odor inside the box.

• It provides complete privacy to the cat.

• It is roomy and spacious and is thus convenient for large/big cats.

Demerits of Top Entry Litter Box:

• It is not suitable for smaller cats.

Litter Box Enclosure or Furniture

Adopting a pet is a serious undertaking, and, naturally, everything is done to make them feel happy and comfortable in their new home. Thus, if adopting a cat, then it is essential to provide her a proper place for doing business.

Finding a litter box is a tricky task, especially when one has a little or no space in the home and has no proper corner where the litter box can be set, as it is known that cats make the litter box smelly and dirty, so cat’s owners don’t want to expose the soiled litter in their home. For this purpose, litter box furniture is available in the market, which hides the litter box in plain sight.

These enclosures are available in different budgets, materials, and sizes, which do not spoil the tone of the room. These are useful for keeping the box hidden as well as making the cat happy with roomy space.

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About The Company:

Cute litter box is a company that maintains a site dealing with cat litter boxes and all its accessories.

This site provides reviews on cats litter boxes and advises on toilet training for the cats.

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